Dynamic Elementary Electives Program

​Imagine an elementary school where children can learn the basics of cooking, construction, robotics, or computer programming or where their passion for art, music, theater, foreign language, math, writing, dance, or simple machines can be encouraged as part of their school day.

Introducing FRCS’s new elementary elective program. In order to raise the level of student satisfaction in school, increase our students’ intrinsic motivation to learn and also teach life skills, FRCS Elementary introduces DEEP (Dynamic Elementary Electives Program). That’s right, an elementary school in which students can choose electives!

Select from the options below to learn more about the program, why it’s important, and how YOU can become an instructor!

“It was such a blast to be able to work with a small group of students doing something they get to choose – which is also something the instructor is passionate about. Great excitement, interest and synergy!!! So glad we have this program.” ~ DEEP Instructor and Parent



Educators at all levels of instruction are looking for the golden ticket: the key to unlocking a student’s intrinsic motivation to want to learn. Once that key is discovered, a student’s level of school enjoyment and satisfaction rises exponentially. Every day, our teachers are experimenting and implementing various strategies to unlock their student’s intrinsic motivation to learn. This is not a new concept to education. Multiple studies, papers, books, seminars, and educational resources have been produced within the last two decades that reinforce the importance of intrinsic motivation to increase a student’s interest, motivation, and enjoyment of school.

See resources for motivational theory philosophies

What is DEEP?

DEEP is an exclusive FRCS Elementary Elective Program that takes place twice a month on Friday afternoons, from 1:45-3pm, September-April. DEEP offers a variety of age-appropriate electives taught by FRCS teachers, administrators, parents, and grandparents who volunteer their time to pass along a specific skill, interest, or hobby to our students. DEEP electives are not graded; there are no tests or prescribed curriculum. The courses are intended to allow students to dive in and learn for the sheer joy of learning.

Elementary families will receive a DEEP catalog before school begins and again in December. Parents and students will be asked to pick their top three choices. Within the first week of school, students will be assigned their elective for the first semester, and then around Christmas break, their elective for the second semester.

Seeking Passionate Instructors

The first two semesters of DEEP were a smashing success with our students. Now it’s time to plan out what we can offer them in the upcoming school year. We’d like to offer 20 or more different electives in order to keep the classes small (6-8 students). Do you have a hobby, skill, or a passion you’d like to share with the next generation? If so, please complete the DEEP Instructor Application.

Here are some examples of the electives that might be offered (listed alphabetically):

  • 3D Printing
  • Architecture
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Aviation/Model Rockets
  • Baseball
  • Basic Building/Construction
  • Basic Woodworking
  • Bugs & Insects
  • Chess
  • Computer Programming
  • Cooking
  • Dance
  • Drama/Theater
  • Electric Motors
  • Fishing
  • Gardening/Horticulture
  • iMovie Making
  • Keynote/PowerPoint
  • Knitting
  • Leadership
  • Lego Robotics
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Math Club
  • Medical
  • Minecraft
  • Music (lessons)
  • Science Projects
  • Sewing
  • Simple Machines
  • Weights

P3 Hours

Every non-faculty DEEP teacher will be a volunteer. FRCS parents who teach an elective will be awarded a minimum of 40 P3 hours if the elective is taught for a full year; 20 hours for one semester.

What is required?

  • You are a disciple of Jesus Christ and have a vibrant, growing faith
  • You have a passion for your subject matter and passing it on to the younger generation
  • You commit to prepare for and teach eight lessons per semester
  • You are an FRCS parent, grandparent, or someone recommended by an FRCS family
  • You complete our DEEP Instructor Application