FRCS’s Elementary After School Program is offered as an option to working parents and provides FRCS elementary students an opportunity for an early start to homework and some additional fun. The program is available for students grades K-6 and meets in the Homeschool area on FRCS’s campus from 3-5pm on school days (please note that after school care is not available on half-days).

Daily schedules include snack (provided by parents), head start for those with homework or who need additional help, gross-motor activity, social and peer partnering, games, and FUN!

2019/2020 Costs

Please note that all costs are per month, and they are fixed rates. For budgeting convenience, the costs have been averaged over the 9.5 months of the program, taking into account holidays, school closings, etc.

# of Days Per Week Cost Per Month
2 $115
3 $125
4 $165
5 $205

Other Information

There is a 30-minute grace period if you are running late at no additional cost. If you arrive after 5:30pm there will be a charge of $1 per minute in 5-minute increments (5:30-5:35 = $5; 5:35-5:40 = $10, etc.) payable in cash to the teacher on duty. This will not be reflected on your school account. Please be mindful of your pickup time. If an emergency arises, please contact our staff (phone numbers will be provided). Our mission is to continue to provide balance for our students at school and home, while being mindful of our working parents. The program is provided at minimal cost.

Space for the program is limited. Please complete the registration form and turn it in to the elementary office.

If you have questions, please contact Karri Majerus at or 303-642-6558.