Fine Arts Department Mission Statement

Based on the core values and philosophy of FRCS, the mission of the Fine Arts Dept is to produce students with a Christian mindset towards each discipline who will act justly, love mercy and walk humbly before God (Micah 4:6). Students are encouraged to pursue the abilities which make humans unique in God’s creation through artistic creativity in the areas of music, music technology, drama, speech, and the visual arts. Students will be inspired to use their gifts and passions to glorify God and bless others as they develop abilities that will equip them to become innovative leaders and impact the world for Christ.


From kindergarten through 8th grade, FRCS students participate in Fine Arts classes ranging from Art to Music and Drama. This serves both to introduce them to the arts and provide basic skills (elementary classes; junior high classes). In senior high, students have options for Fine Arts classes (all senior high students must complete 1 full credit in Fine Arts to graduate).


We believe the arts provide one of the greatest learning tools as students experience history, culture, literature, and human relationships by bringing it to life for others to enjoy through performances or exhibitions. Therefore, we offer many extracurricular activities to afford students opportunities for these experiences.

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for Parents

Students who are committed to the arts often have parents who are also committed to the arts. As a way to provide opportunities for parents to participate with their students as well as model godly behavior and attitudes in the arts, we provide many opportunities for parents to get involved. What a great way to earn P3 hours!

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Awards and Lettering

Students have the opportunity to earn a letter through our performing arts dept. and points in the International Thespian Society for participation in drama club and productions. These students will be awarded and recognized at our annual Academy Awards and Senior Showcase event each May.


Fees for school productions help cover the cost of acting, dancing, and singing instruction as well as production costs, including set, props, costumes, makeup, and technical equipment. Fees also cover the cost of some cast/crew meals during show week, cast photo CD, and a T-shirt for all cast members. Cast fees are based on each production’s budget and are announced prior to auditions.

Upcoming Fine Arts Events


Jr High Play

1:45 pm — 3:00 pm
@ FRCS Jr/Sr High Campus

Spring Musical Auditions

3:00 pm — 7:00 pm
@ FRCS Jr/Sr High Campus