Our junior high academic programs are both vigorous and challenging. Utilizing a wide variety of teaching methods, students are taught critical thinking skills from a biblical worldview designed to prepare them for high school. Programs range from core academics to music and theater.

Programs & Activities

Junior high opens opportunities for students to help them discover who God has uniquely made them to be. Participating in sports, arts, and serving others and giving them space and events designed to prepare them for life, students’ minds, hearts, and strength are nurtured and developed.


Acting as both teachers and mentors, our junior high faculty genuinely care for students. We encourage them to understand the unique needs of each student for the most effective teaching. Our teachers are working toward godliness and humility as they serve as role models to our students.

Guidance and Counseling

Guidance & Counseling

Front Range Christian School’s guidance and counseling department exists to provide Christ-centered guidance and counseling that emboldens students to be known, cultivated, and impactful.

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AWE Program

Adventure and Wilderness Experiences (AWE) is an FRCS adventure-based guidance and counseling program that exists to use adventure and wilderness experiences to develop both a student’s character and the school community.

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Upcoming Events at FRCS Jr/Sr High


dGroup Chapel

9:30 am — 10:20 am
@ FRCS Jr/Sr High Campus

Jr/Sr High Adjusted Schedule

All Day
@ FRCS Jr/Sr High Campus

Ron Heagy Assembly

2:00 pm — 3:00 pm
@ FRCS Jr/Sr High Campus

Junior High Daily Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:40-8:30am 1 (Red) Late Start 6 (Navy) 4 (Green) 3 (Yellow)
8:35-9:25am 2 (Orange) 8 (Grey) 7 (Purple) 5 (Columbia) 4 (Green)
9:30-10:20am 3 (Yellow) 1 (Red) Chapel 6 (Navy) dGroups
10:20-10:30am Break
10:30-11:20am 4 (Green) 2 (Orange) 8 (Grey) 7 (Purple) 5 (Columbia)
11:20am-12pm A Lunch A Lunch A Lunch 8 (Grey)
A Lunch
12-1pm 5 (Columbia) 3 (Yellow) 1 (Red) Executive Lunch
8 (Grey)
1:05-2:05pm 6 (Navy) 4 (Green) 2 (Orange) 7 (Purple)
1 (Red)
2:10-3pm 7 (Purple) 5 (Columbia) 3 (Yellow) 2 (Orange) 6 (Navy)