Front Range Christian School is dedicated to keeping tuition and fees affordable for all families — even those with children in special programs. Financial Aid, in the form of grants and scholarships, is available on a needs basis to families who qualify. FRCS offers flexible payment plans and many ways for families to reduce their tuition. Please call our admissions department for more options and possibilities.

New Student Application Fees

The non-refundable, new student application fee is $50 per student, K-12; preschool and PreK application fee is $25, which includes Readiness Assessment.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees for 2019/2020

Students who are admitted during the school year will be charged a pro-rated amount for tuition. If you are in need of tuition assistance, Financial Aid may be available.

Grade Tuition CEF* Other Fees**
Per student Per student Per student
   Part-time Kindergarten $5,620 $275 N/A
   Full-time K-1st grade $8,000 $350 $0-90†
   2nd-6th (elementary) $8,450 $350 $80-270†
   7th-8th (junior high) $9,970 $350 $260‡
   9th-12th (senior high) $11,120 $350 $325‡

*Continuous Enrollment Fees (CEF) pay for curriculum supplies for your child(ren) and cover other, non-personnel and non-facility costs needed to operate the school. This non-refundable fee is paid each year for students enrolled at FRCS or upon acceptance in order to hold your child’s roster position for the upcoming year. The CEF for new families remains the same regardless of entry date. See the Continuous Enrollment FAQ for more information.

** Other Fees are subject to change and are typically adjusted during summer months

† Kindergarten does not have additional fees, as they are all covered in the CEF. Elementary fees include school theme t-shirt, class field trips, most school supplies, end of year celebrations, etc. Breakdown of actual fees are as follows: kindergarten=N/A; 1st=$90; 2nd=$80; 3rd=$95; 4th=$115; 5th=$150; 6th=$270 (includes outdoor lab). Optional sports fees for 6th grade listed on “sports” tab and are in addition to other fees.

‡ Junior/senior high fees include retreats, yearbook, school theme t-shirt, fees for required classes, special activities, standardized tests, iPad apps (junior high only), school planner, etc. Optional sports fees listed on “sports” tab and are in addition to other fees.

high school students mentoring 5th grade students in science

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Junior High
Senior High

Preschool Tuition for 2019/2020

Students may come for any number of days per week (8am-2:45pm for full day and 8am-12:15pm for half days, Monday through Friday), but parents are asked to commit to a standard schedule for consistency and staffing purposes. There is an annual registration fee of $150 per student ($75 if you enroll mid-year).

Days* Half† Full†
2 $215 $365
3 $320 $525
4 $370 $630
5 $420 $725

*Number of Days per week
Cost per month per student

If you wish to do a combination of full and half days, please contact our office for pricing.

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ECE Programs

TLC – The Learning Center
TLC offers a self-contained classroom instruction environment for students grades 7-12. The tuition is $13,320 plus a $350 registration fee for the 2019/2020 school year.

2018/2019 Optional Learning Program Fees
These fees are in addition to regular tuition and are paid annually.

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Elementary Spanish
Learning Accommodations

2019/2020 Academic Year Pricing

General Programs and Fees

Service Price
Umbrella Program $75/family/year*
   – Transcript $175/transcript
   – Transcript Update $75/update
   – Curriculum Consult $50/hour
Application for HSE $50/student
   – Evaluation $150/student

*regardless of when students begin the program

Homeschool Enrichment (HSE) Fees

All fees listed per student per year; semester pricing is ½ except for enrollment and Lexia fees.

Program Price
Enrollment fees
  – K-6 $40*
  – 7-8 $80*
  – 9-12 $100*
Lexia (K-8) $50*
Basic Day (K-6) $1076
  – Half Day (only for K students who are not ready for a full day) $861
Basic Day (7-8) $1375
  – Half Day† $1100
Basic Day (9-12) $1450
  – Half Day† $1160
Elective 1 (K-6 only)**
  – Literature (K-4) $236*
  – Creative Writing (5-6) $236*
Elective 2** $236*
  – Action Bible (K-4) $236*
  – Architecture (4-8) $236*
  – Sewing (4-8) $236*
  – College & Careers (8-12) $320*

*regardless of when students begin the program
**Elective classes are available as an extension to the basic program. Special accommodations for elective classes may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
either morning or afternoon; is only allowed for 7-12 HSE students IF they are also taking part-time classes at FRCS junior/senior high

Part-time Senior High Options (2019/2020)

There is a $100 registration fee per course. Tuition may be paid in full or by semester. NOTE: Prices reflect tuition only; there may be additional fees for materials based on the course requirements.

Type Year Semester
Per student Per student
Sr High Core Course $1,990 $995
Sr High Elective Course $1030 n/a

If a student is enrolling part-time in order to participate in a sport, the student must be enrolled for the semester the sport occurs (i.e., football is fall semester; baseball is spring semester; basketball requires both fall and spring semesters). Please refer to the current course catalog for a complete course listing. Sports participation is only available to qualifying part-time students.

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Homeschool Programs

2019/2020 Sports Fees

Junior High

Includes grades 6-8

  • Cross Country (Fall) $250
  • Soccer (Boys: Fall) $275
  • Volleyball (Girls: Fall) $250
  • Basketball (Winter) $250
  • Soccer (Girls: Spring) $275
  • Cheer (Fall/Winter) $150

Senior High

  • Cross Country (Fall) $275
  • Football (Fall) $350
  • Golf (Boys: Fall) $550
  • Volleyball (Fall) $275
  • Soccer (Boys: Fall; Girls Spring) $275
  • Basketball (Boys and Girls Winter) $275
  • Baseball (Spring) $350
  • Cheer (Fall/Winter) $250
  • Rock Climbing $60 (club sport)

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Athletics at FRCS