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The Explore program at FRCS exists to serve the educational needs of elementary students with high academic ability, encouraging them to realize their full potential in Christ.

Students with unusually high academic abilities, like their counterparts who struggle academically, also have unique academic needs. Research consistently shows that without special services, high academic ability students are at risk for underachievement, social, and emotional difficulties. Arrogance can be another danger for these students. It is particularly important to challenge these students to develop a servant’s heart and ignite students’ faithful stewardship of God-given talents.

FRCS recognizes these students’ needs and strives to provide an effective educational atmosphere for them through the following goals:

  1. To create a safety net for high academic ability students, nurturing them spiritually, mentally, and socially.
  2. To create a motivational atmosphere where there is appropriate opportunity for these students to develop their God-given abilities.
  3. To encourage a spirit of love, humility, service, and belonging.

Explore students are pulled from their regular classroom two times per week for Explore class. Each session runs for 50 minutes and the focus of class alternates between a mathematical focus and a literature unit. The literature units are based on the Junior Great Books curriculum, and are oftentimes expanded with artistic or cultural enrichment activities. Math units vary greatly, sometimes finding their inspiration in a simple children’s book or a scientific principle, and other times exploring mathematical concepts using various games.

The Explore program helps prepare academically gifted students for the FRCS honors junior and senior high school track.

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