At Front Range Christian, we view seventh and eighth graders as eager junior high students who desire healthy peer relationships and boundaries that will help shape their character. With this perspective, you can expect your student to excel in a nurturing educational environment.

Following are the policies regarding courses (add/drop, appeals, etc.) and the complete course listings for junior high students.

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Students may add or drop courses through the second Friday of the semester if they have valid (written) reasons for the proposed changed AND Teacher, Counselor, Principal and Parent approvals and signatures. Course fees may not be refundable or transferable. Classes dropped after the add/drop time are designated on Senior High Transcripts as “WP” (withdraw pass) or “WF” (withdraw fail) and student will not earn credit for the course. If new classes are added to student schedules after classes have already begun, students are responsible for making up all missed course work within the deadlines and parameters set by teachers.

Final Exams

Final exams are given to junior and senior high students towards the end of each semester. Finals are customarily spread out over 3 days. These are usually half-days for junior/senior high students. All students are required to take finals in the classes that have finals.

Homeschool Option Program

Students may enroll part-time at FRCS. These students have the right to participate in sports, practicum, fine arts, and standardized testing with the following conditions:

  • The student must be enrolled in at least one class at the beginning of the semester for the duration of their sport. (for example:Fall Sports – Semester 1; Winter Sports – Semester 1 and Semester 2; Spring Sports – Semester 2)
  • Priority for lead roles in fine arts programs will be given to full-time students before part-time students.
  • Priority will be given to full-time students for spots in practicum.
  • Opportunities to participate in practicum are only on a “space available” basis.
  • Part-time students may participate in our Standardized testing but will have to pay a fee to take the exam.

Excessive Tardies/Absenteeism

Excessive absenteeism may result in a loss of credit for the class, lowered or failing grade, parent/teacher/principal conference or dis-enrollment. For senior high students, a total of five (5) days for college visits per year are allowed to be counted as a Student Activity and therefore not count toward the total absences. See the Family Handbook for details.

Course Appeal Information

Front Range Christian School encourages all students to take a challenging academic program. In an effort to ensure a high academic program, prerequisites have been established to set admission criteria for certain courses and to serve as indicators of the academic skills needed to succeed.

In addition, more specific prerequisites for these courses are listed by course in this online Course Catalog.

Recognizing that there may be some instances when students are close to meeting prerequisites for a course and are highly motivated to enroll in that course, FRCS has created an appeal process to take these facts into account.

Appeal Process:

If a student does not meet the prerequisites required or was not recommended for placement in the requested course desired, the student’s parent may appeal to the FRCS Guidance Counselor Department by completing the FRCS Academic Performance contract and approval from the teacher and guidance counselor.

FRCS Guidance Department will examine a student’s appeal based on the following:

  • Recommendation for the class by their current teacher for that subject
  • Overall GPA as well as grades in requested subject course
  • Attendance
  • EXPLORE/PLAN score that meets ACT bench mark or above
  • PSAT Scores
  • Demonstrated maturity to handle the increased work load

Students placed in the requested classes will be expected to meet and maintain the academic standards of the course. If, after enrollment, the course content is determined by the student to be too difficult, he/she may drop the course within FRCS add/drop period.

Requests will be on a space available basis.

Course Offerings


Old Testament I

This course surveys the content, message, historical background, critical issues, and key texts found in Genesis to Judges and the poetic and wisdom books. Journey with Israel through the wilderness and experience its conquest and settlement in the land. Listen to the poetry and song of Israel’s psalms and consider their place in the ancient world. The goal is that students will become proficient at interpreting biblical texts, capable of engaging in dialog about the biblical text, and motivated to apply biblical guidance to modern life.

Old Testament II

This course surveys the content, message, historical background, critical issues, and key texts found in the historical books and prophetic literature of the Old Testament. March to war with Israel’s kings and mourn as Israel is lead into exile. Contemplate the message of the prophets and consider their place in the ancient world. The goal is that students will become proficient at interpreting biblical texts, capable of engaging in dialog about the biblical text, and motivated to apply biblical guidance to modern life.

Language Arts

Language Arts 7

During this course, students will mature in their reading, writing and thinking skills. They will read, analyze, write about and discus short stories, drama, poetry, and novels by respected authors. Novels will include The Outsiders, and Bearstone or Tom Sawyer (pending approval). The 6 Traits of Writing will be used by students to evaluate their own writing including paragraphs, essays, and other fiction and non-fiction pieces. Grammar and usage topics will be reviewed through practice exercises and writing assignments. Students will be introduced to MLA guidelines for research and apply them in their comprehension of a major I-search project.

Language Arts 8

This course will help students become more refined writers and readers by giving them practice in writing paragraphs and essays using the 6 Traits of Writing and analyzing short stories, drama, poetry, and novels. Students will also improve their grammar and spelling skills through practice exercises and writing assignments. Specific novels are April Morning and The Pearl and the play The Diary of Anne Frank. Several mini-research projects will be assigned, with one major science research project coordinated between the Language Arts and the Natural Sciences departments. Students will review and apply APA and MLA guidelines for research.



  • Grade Level: 7th and some 8th grade
  • Text: Pre-Algebra, Glencoe McGraw Hill
  • One year
  • Core Class Status

In this course, students will be provided with the tools they need to be able to better assess and apply the mathematical concepts that they already know and will be challenged to learn basic algebraic foundations through problem-solving strategy steps, critical thinking and creative problem solving. This course utilizes multiple representations of problems, higher order thinking problems, word problem practice, and some lab work that reinforces concepts using manipulatives.

As a result of this course:

  • Students will be able to perform mathematical operations using rational numbers, including fractions, decimals, percents, and positive and negative numbers. They will be able to effectively work with radicals and exponents.
  • Students will be able to recognize and graph linear and proportional relationships and be able to work with rates, ratios, proportions, and linear algebraic expressions.
  • Students will be able to compare and analyze geometric figures. They will understand congruence and be able to solve problems utilizing angle measure, area, surface area and volume.
  • Students will be able to use data from a sample to make inferences about a population using lists, tables, and diagrams to help determine the probability that an event or compound events will occur.

Algebra I

  • Grade level: 8th, some 7th and some 9th
  • Text: Glencoe Algebra I, McGraw-Hill Education
  • 1 year/1.0 Credits
  • Approved by NCAA
  • Core Class
  • TI-83/84 graphing calculator required

In this course, students will build on the core algebraic building blocks that were presented in Pre-Algebra. This course utilizes multiple representations of problems, critical thinking problems, word problem practice, review of recent concepts, and hands-on exercises that help make the material applicable to the real world.

As a result of this course:

  • Students will understand rational numbers, and they will be able to perform the appropriate operations to be able to evaluate rational expressions, including rational expressions containing more than one variable.
  • Students will be able to effectively use proportions, ratios, and percents.
  • Students will be able to analyze, solve, and graph multi-step linear equations and inequalities.
  • Students will be able to solve and graph systems of equations using substitution and elimination.
  • Students will effectively be able to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and factor polynomials.
  • Students will be able to solve and graph quadratic equations.
  • Students will be able to simplify radical expressions and effectively work with right and similar triangles.
  • Students will be able to select and use appropriate statistical methods to analyze data and will understand the basic concepts of probability. They will be introduced to matrices.

Physical Sciences

Life Science

  • Grade Level: 7th
  • Life’s Structure and Function, Glencoe Science (2002); From Bacteria to Plants, Glencoe Science (2002); Animal Diversity, Glencoe (2002); Human Body Systems, Glencoe Science (2002)
  • One Year
  • Core Class

This course is structured to provide students opportunities to observe and study a wide variety of living things created by God and to understand the nature of living things. Students will also learn about the observations other people have made and documented about living things. They will then be challenged to apply what God has said about life and living things and to use scientific information to guide their decision-making processes about living things.

Physical Science

  • Grade Level: 8th
  • Introduction to Physical Science; Glencoe-McGraw-Hill
  • One Year
  • Core Class

Physical science is an introductory course for both chemistry and physics. Throughout the course of the year, students will investigate topics such a the atom, periodic table, Newton’s Law of Motion, and electricity. Students will be challenged to apply the scientific method to their thought processes as they investigate the topics covered in this class. In addition, students will become familiar with the tools used in the laboratory and will use them to conduct experiments and activities. Students will complete lab reports, interpret data and compose tables charts, and graphs.

Social Sciences

World History

  • Grade Level: 7th
  • World Adventures in Time and Place; Glencoe
  • One year
  • Approved by: NCAA
  • Core Class

This course is a study of history and geography topics from the beginnings of civilization to the end of the Age of Imperialism. Students will examine information and complete activities that focus on interesting people, places, and events that have shaped our world. Students will learn not only world history concepts and facts, but many Christian values and principles that will help them make right decisions and be examples of Jesus Christ. Students will cover history and geography topics beginning with the Middle Ages and ending with the Cold War.

American History

  • Grade Level: 8th
  • The American Nation; Prentice Hall
  • One year
  • Core Class

This course will provide students with information and activities that focus on interesting people, places and events that have shaped our nation. Students will explore the history of the United States and how it has come about under God’s direction and design. Students will be exposed to history and geography topics that will help them connect major and minor events in each time period. In addition, each student will have an opportunity to relate the information studied to current events of today. Christian values will be taught that will help students make the right decisions and become godly example for all people.

Other Courses

  • Grade levels: 7th, 8th
  • One semester
  • Elective

This course is designed to give students a basic understanding of the 7 elements of design. Various projects will include all or some of these elements. Different mediums and techniques will be introduced to the class. Along with well know artists and their unique styles. They will learn how to take care of the equipment properly and how to handle craftsmanship in order to produce art that will be on display at the end of the year.

Junior high students take this course each year they are enrolled at FRCS.

7th Grade

  • Grade: 7th
  • One semester
  • Elective

Students will learn the basic skills of drama and stage performance including basic acting techniques, stage direction, projection, improv exercises etc. They will also learn the various aspects of theater and stage. Students will work together in planning and performing several skits throughout the semester.

8th Grade

  • Grade: 8th
  • One semester
  • Elective

This one semester course is designed to build confidence and provide skills in basic play production. Drama gives students a sense of responsibility and co-operation as they learn to work together to reach the final goal of a short play. The activities are designed to help each student feel successful while learning the basic techniques of stage performance. Students will perform a play at the end of the semester.

  • Grade: 7th, 8th
  • One Year
  • Elective

This course gives students the opportunity to engage, explore, and experience vocal and instrumental music. By learning or reviewing basic music theory (such as rhythm, music vocabulary, markings, and intervals), practicing sight reading through singing choral music and learning to read chord charts, each student will strive to grow in his or her musical ability. Each student will participate in singing choral music of various styles and be given opportunities for solos. Through instruction and exercises in proper breathing, posture, vowel shaping, and range, students will improve their own singing technique while developing their skills in sight-singing, ear-training, and harmony through listening and blending with other singers. Students will improve their individual skills on a chosen instrument and gain practice working with other musicians in smaller, contemporary ensembles. The course is designed to widen an appreciation of music through listening and engaging music of different styles as well as encourage the use of technology to unlock musical creativity and possibilities.

Junior high students take this course each year they are enrolled at FRCS. In 7th grade, students participate in both choir and band. In 8th grade students can choose between choir or band.

  • Grade: 7th
  • Text: Total Health: Talking About Life’s Changes; Boe.
  • One Year
  • Elective

This course is designed to encourage overall fitness among students. The course will also encourage an aspect of team building and working within a group. The scope of this course will include overall health and teamwork through a variety of fitness and team sport activities. It will also teach the students how to live healthier lifestyles.

Spanish I

  • Grade level: 8th, 9th
  • Text: ¡Exprésate!; Holt, Rinehart and Winston
  • Prerequisite: none
  • 1 year/1.0 credits
  • Approved by NCAA
  • Core Class

This course is designed to give students a good beginning in the Spanish Language. Level 1 introduces the four basic communicative skills, reading, and writing, speaking, and listening. In this year, students will communicate primarily using the present tense. Various cultures are also studied. There are no prerequisites to taking this course.

Spanish I Plus

  • Grade level: 7th
  • Prerequisite: Elementary Spanish
  • 1 year/1.0 credits
  • Core Class

This course is designed to build on what students learned in their elementary Spanish courses in order to prepare them for higher level Spanish learning. At minimum, students must have taken Spanish during their 6th grade year in order to take this course.

Spanish II

  • Grade level: 8th, 9th, 10th
  • Prerequisite: Spanish I or Spanish I Plus
  • 1 year/1.0 credits
  • Approved by NCAA
  • Core Class

Spanish 2 reviews the major points learned in Spanish 1. This course will enhance the student’s ability to use their skills in speaking, listening, reading, writing, and cultural awareness. In this course, students will reinforce their abilities to communicate in the present tense, as well as begin to use past tenses. Various cultures are also studied.

  • Grade: 7th, 8th
  • Text:
  • One Year
  • Elective

Course description here.