“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

— Benjamin Franklin


Early Childhood Education, in its essence, is the foundation of social, emotional, physical and pre-academic learning. We are a unique program in that we provide children with a distinctively Christian and educationally excellent program, building trusted relationships with the children in our care. We have professionally trained and qualified teachers who understand that young children are unique in their learning abilities. We provide individual instruction, as well as small group learning. Engaging students in pre-academic learning is only a small part of our day. Our daily lessons center on the teaching of Jesus Christ. Our journey and mission will always be to continue advancing God’s Kingdom with purpose, passion and FUN!

ECE programs at FRCS include preschool (typically 3-year-olds), PreK (typically 4-year-olds), and kindergarten (typically 5-year-olds).

Early Childhood Education at FRCS


All aspects of our elementary education program are taught in an environment that supports your values as a Christian parent. Front Range Christian Elementary School brings together texts and supplemental materials from both biblical and secular publishers for its curriculum. At FRCS, your children will learn more than just Bible stories…they’ll learn how to rely on God.

Elementary programs at FRCS include grades 1-6.

Elementary at FRCS

Junior High

The middle school years are, for many kids, a difficult time of transition. Not quite a child, and not quite a young adult, it’s an age of change and discovery. At Front Range Christian School, we see the impressionable junior high years as an opportunity to show 7th and 8th graders the unique and all-encompassing love of God so that they can gain confidence, grow in their faith, and become the young adults that God has made them to be.

Innovative programs stretch beyond the traditional classroom setting to emphasize purity and deepening faith. Junior high students also have the chance to participate in athletics and various art programs. And FRCS begins preparing students for college in these determinative years. Our academic programs are both vigorous and challenging. Students are taught critical thinking skills from a biblical worldview.

Junior High at FRCS

Senior High

As our kids become adults, it is vital that they have a healthy foundation to learn, grow, and explore in a safe and challenging environment. FRCS high school students experience opportunities for transformation to prepare them not only to face the world on their own but also to impact the world for Christ.

Our college prep program meets or exceeds the entrance requirements of most colleges, including highly selective colleges. We take our role in preparing students for future academic success very seriously. Should your graduate choose to engage in ministry, attend a trade school, pursue college and post-graduate degrees, or go straight into the working world, they will be prepared.

But high school studies at FRCS go far beyond just academic learning. We also offer fine arts, athletics, discipleship groups, practicum, and opportunities to serve and engage the local community.

Senior High at FRCS


At Front Range Christian, our mission to partner with the Christian home encompasses more than just our full-time students. We also offer K-6 and 7-12 enrichment programs—both of these programs meet on Wednesdays throughout the school year. Homeschool students grades 7-12 may also opt to take individual classes offered to all FRCS students (based on availability). We also offer an Umbrella Program to help homeschool families with record keeping and more.

Homeschool Enrichment at FRCS

Programs for Students with Special Needs



The Explore program at FRCS exists to serve the educational needs of elementary students with high academic ability, encouraging them to realize their full potential in Christ.

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Learning Accommodations

(elementary, junior high, senior high)

Learning accommodations are intended to “level the playing field” and give students with special learning needs a fair opportunity for success in learning.

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The Learning Center (TLC)

(junior and senior high)

TLC is an education/vocation program that enables students with special educational needs to develop their God-given talents & abilities in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.

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General Information

Academic Calendar

Specifically created with parents in mind, this calendar contains major academic dates, including school holidays and teacher in-service days. For event information, please refer to the event calendar (use link at the top of the page). NOTE: PAC refers to the Performing Arts Center.

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In our commitment to train children for life, we recognize that technology must be a part of that training. Beyond teaching students how to use technology, we work to model and encourage responsible digital citizenship. iPads are a part of the classroom, and every student uses them in learning.

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Front Range Christian School is proudly accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and by NCA CASI, NWAC, and SACS CASI, which are all regional accrediting divisions of AdvanED. Our accreditation demonstrates our dedication to continuous improvement in all that we do.

ACSI  AdvancED


Several FRCS teachers are available for private tutoring, some during the school year and some during summer break. Please note that tutoring is a service provided by teachers not the school. Arrangements need to be made with the teacher. This web page serves as a way for teachers and parents to connect in the event that private tutoring would benefit specific students.

Tutoring Info