The school lunch program is now accepting orders! Meals include a variety of healthy and delicious options, and our online ordering system is both convenient and easy to use. Following is all of the information you need to get started in ordering FRCS hot lunches for your children.

Please remember that hot lunch orders must be placed by 9pm the preceding Wednesday.

Lunch Tracking Calendars: August 2019 | September 2019

How to set up your account

The first step to ordering lunches in our new lunch program is to go to the lunch website and create an account. Next, click on “Add Student” then enter the information for your child. Repeat for each child. If your child is in junior or senior high, feel free to enter the last name of any of his/her teachers, as the last name is not important for higher grades (though the field is still required).

How to place an order

Once your children are set up in the system, you can order lunches. Click the student’s name, then select his/her lunch options from the calendar. Once you have finished making selections, if you have more students for whom to order click “Add Lunches to Cart.” If you are finished, click “Proceed to Checkout.” Review your order on the next page, and if everything is correct, click the “Finalize Order” button and follow the simple instructions to complete your checkout. The site accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Writing checks for lunches

If you will be ordering lunches on a regular basis, you may prefer to pay by check (as a side note, paying by check also saves the school money, as we do not then need to pay any processing fees to the credit card companies). All orders must be paid up-front and the website only accepts credit cards, so follow these steps to pay by check.

  1. Decide how much money you would like to have in your lunch account (any amount is accepted as you do not yet need to pick lunch dates or items).
  2. Set up a lunch account on the lunch website.
  3. Write a check (payable to FRCS) for your chosen amount and write “lunches” in the memo line
  4. Turn the check in to the SCRIP table during normal SCRIP hours on Tuesday or Friday (do not turn in a lunch order, just turn in your check…orders are still handled online)
  5. Before the end of the day on the day you submitted your check to the SCRIP table, your check will be added to your lunch account on the website. Now any orders you place online are debited against the amount shown in your lunch account balance. You can check your lunch balance at any time on the lunch website.

For example, if Jane Doe writes a lunch check for $100 and turns it in to the SCRIP table, the Doe account will be credited $100. Each lunch Jane orders online is then subtracted from the Doe balance. So if she orders three $5 lunches for John, her account is debited $15, and her new balance is $85 in the school lunch system. If Jane ever orders lunches in excess of her available balance, she can pay the rest with a credit card at the time she places her lunch order. Then she can turn in another check to the SCRIP table to have more money credited to her account.

Meal Specifics

We’ll include more information as it is available here, but here’s an overview of the lunches offered in our program – remember that the salad bar is included every day:


Subway sandwich (everyone gets the same sandwich) and chips


Chick-fil-A (choice of sandwich or nuggets)


Burrito (two options, listed below) and fruit

  • Breakfast burrito: uncured bacon, eggs, cheddar jack cheese, and potatoes
  • Chicken burrito: shredded chicken, basmati rice, pinto beans, smoky chipotle sauce, and white cheddar cheese


Share Good Foods sandwich (two options, listed below)

  • Ham sandwich: cranberry walnut bread with applewood smoked ham, tomatoes, white cheddar cheese, lettuce, and honey mustard sauce
  • Turkey sandwich: sourdough bread with roasted turkey breast, tomatoes, monterey jack cheese, white cheddar cheese, garlic mayonnaise, and lettuce


Pizza – both pepperoni and cheese will be available; students may choose until one option is gone.

Where to go for help

If you need assistance in setting up your account, or if you have questions about how the lunch system works, please be sure to check out the FAQ on the lunch website (you do not need to create an account to read the FAQ or other information on the site). Or if you have other questions or need help in some other way, please email