Our Partnership with FACTS Management Company

At Front Range Christian School we are constantly looking for ways to concentrate our available human and financial resources on our primary mission of education. To help us meet this goal we will once again be partnering with FACTS Management Company to help manage our tuition payments.

FACTS is the leading tuition management service in the nation serving more than 7000 private and faith-based schools and over one million families. Our research indicates significant benefits to school staff and school families including convenience, flexibility, and secure on-line access to individual account information. You will have the choice to make your tuition payment in full or set up a monthly tuition payment plan.

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Families Wishing to Pay in Full

Families who prefer to pay in full have the option to receive a 3% rebate of their total tuition payment or make a tax-deductible donation of that amount to the Timothy Fund. To be eligible, the full tuition payment must be received by May 31 for existing families, or immediately upon enrollment for new families. The 3% rebate or donation does not apply to registration fees.

If you have a SCRIP credit, an adjustment will be made to your tuition account to reflect your Scrip credit.

Budgeted Payment Plan Options

Budgeted EFT/ACH Payments

Payments you have authorized FACTS to process directly through your financial institution. It is simply a bank-to-bank transfer of funds that you have pre-approved from a designated checking or savings account (annual processing fee of $45 for 3+ payments annually or $10 for 2 annual payments — $0 if paid in full) on the 5th or 17th of the month.

Monthly Payments

Monthly payments through FACTS Management by EFT (electronic funds transfer) on the 5th or 17th of the month:

  • Plan A: 10-month plan – 10 continuous payments (August through May)
  • Plan B: 12-month plan – 12 continuous payments (July through June)

Semester Payments

Two equal payments (July and December) through FACTS Management by EFT.

With FACTS, the school maintains decision-making control. As always, we will continue to work with families should special circumstances or “hardship” cases arise during the school year.

Directions For Setting Up Your FACTS Payment Plan

ALL families are required to have an active account through FACTS Management Company. If you are a returning family to FRCS and have an existing account with FACTS, you’re good to go! You can keep the same payment plan as the previous year or make changes by contacting FACTS at 866-441-4637.

If you are a new family to FRCS, you will need to set up your new enrollment with FACTS as part of your student’s enrollment packet.

If you are a new family to FRCS, you will need to set up your new enrollment with FACTS. Click on FACTS Online Payment Instructions to direct you to the FACTS enrollment page. Sign in as a “NEW USER,” follow the simple steps and within minutes you will have your payment plan activated.

If you have received a tuition assistance award, your tuition will not be reduced until we have received your “Parent/Student Tuition Assistance Agreement Letter” letting us know you agree to the terms of your award. If you have applied for tuition assistance and have not heard back, your tuition will be calculated through the normal process. Your tuition balance will be adjusted as soon as we receive your agreement letter.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and what time will the funds for my payment plan be withdrawn from my bank account?

While FACTS transacts each payment on the specified date (5th or 17th), it is your financial institution that determines the time of day the payment is debited. FACTS recommends checking with your financial institution to determine how far in advance funds should be deposited into your account to ensure the automatic payment clears. If a payment date falls on a weekend or banking holiday, the payment will be transacted the following business day.

How will I be notified of my payment information?

Once your agreement for budgeted tuition payments is posted to the FACTS system, you will receive a confirmation notification of your payment amount by e-mail or letter in approximately 10 days. Payments will be processed until the total balance is paid in full. The notification contains information you must have to log on to MyFACTS Account permitting the responsible party to view their account online.

What happens if FACTS attempts to process my payment and there are not enough funds in my account?

Should an automatic bank payment be returned, a $30.00 FACTS Returned Payment Fee will be automatically assessed to your account. This is in addition to any penalty your bank or the school may assess. You will be notified by FACTS of the returned payment via mail or e-mail and the date for when another attempt will be made.

We look forward to Serving You Better!

Front Range Christian School looks forward to our partnership with FACTS and the efficiency and technology it brings to our school. If any step of the process is unclear, do not hesitate to contact Peggy Adams (303-531-4546 or padams@frcs.org) or FACTS at 866-441-4637.