Secret Scoop is a way for Front Range Christian School parents, students, and staff to anonymously inform leaders about things they have heard that may impact the safety of students, personnel, or school property. These tips are forwarded to the appropriate leader in the school to follow up (or not) as they deem appropriate. Please provide as much detail as possible to give leaders the information they need to make an appropriate decision about course of action.

This form is designed to give you the chance to provide anonymous tips, but if it is OK for us to follow up with you and get more details, feel free to include your name and email address. These fields are completely optional.

Thank you for helping us make Front Range Christian School a safe environment for our students.

Secret Scoop

Please provide any pertinent details to allow FRCS Leadership to decide the most appropriate course of action. Details may include times, specific names, locations, sources of your information (if appropriate), etc. This is completely anonymous, and we wish to respect your anonymity, but remember that the more details you can share, the easier it is for us to make an informed decision about how and if to respond.