If your family is in a position in which you need to withdraw or opt out of continuous enrollment for your child(ren) at FRCS, please follow this simple procedure:

  1. Notify the principal of the appropriate campus or other school administrator. We encourage you to schedule a meeting to discuss any specific issues or concerns as per the Guidelines for Community Life listed in the Parent/Student Handbook. If there are no specific issues or concerns, for example your family is being relocated, scheduling this meeting is not required.
  2. Notify the Finance Department.
  3. Complete the Opt Out/Withdrawal Form (below) which is digitally submitted to both the Admissions Office and the Finance Department.
  4. Complete the anonymous survey regarding your experience at FRCS when it is sent to you.

Please remember that student records and transcripts are not released for withdrawn students until all current fees are paid. Please refer to the Family Handbook for more information.

Notes for full-time students who are opting out of Continuous Enrollment

  • Your student’s spot at FRCS will no longer be guaranteed and will be subject to FRCS having space available in that grade(s)
  • The Tuition and Continuous Enrollment Agreement will need to be filled out again and the fee will need to be paid in full upon enrollment
  • Financial Aid awards will be forfeited; Financial Aid applications will need to be resubmitted and awards will be made with any remaining funds, if available
  • If you choose to opt out after the close of the Continuous Enrollment Window and before June 30 you will lose your continuous enrollment fee (CEF)
  • If you opt out between July 1 to the first day of school, you will lose your CEF and be charged one month’s tuition
  • If you opt out after the start of school, you will lose your CEF and be charged for the balance of the current semester

Why the penalty? These dates and charges are set due to the costs incurred by FRCS in anticipation of your child’s enrollment. Expenses such as supplies, consumable materials/curriculum and hiring of faculty are all made prior to the start of school and reflective of enrollment commitments.

Opt Out/Withdraw Student(s) Form

If you chose "Other" from the previous drop down, please select the exact date here.
If you chose "Other" from the previous drop down, please select the exact date here.
If you chose "Other" from the previous drop down, please select the exact date here.
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Please note that tuition charges continue until this form has been submitted, thereby notifying both Admissions and the Finance Office of the withdrawal.

Following is the Financial Responsibility section from the Front Range Christian School Tuition/Financial Agreement that your family signed prior to enrolling your children at FRCS:

"In the event that our family encounters financial difficulties, we understand that we must still make our tuition payments in a timely manner. Therefore, we agree to discuss possible solutions with the FRCS Financial Department and to seek out information about Biblical stewardship in order to remain current with our tuition payments. If at any time during the school year our family decides to withdraw our child from FRCS, we agree to follow the Withdrawal Policy as established by FRCS. We agree to give the school written notice by way of the Withdrawal Form obtained from the Admissions Office. The Withdrawal Policy also states that the family will be responsible to pay the tuition for the entire semester in which their child attended school at FRCS, regardless of their withdrawal date. In the event of early withdrawal from FRCS, we agree to pay the balance of our account including any tuition, school or athletic fees, before requesting release of transcripts.”

The policy also states that “the family is responsible to pay tuition for the entire semester in which their child(ren) attended FRCS, regardless of withdrawal date or if expulsion occurs before conclusion of that semester.” IMPORTANT: In the event of early withdrawal, FRCS will not release student records and transcripts until all current fees are paid in full.

If you have multiple students who will be attending different schools, please list all of them (with the appropriate student’s name)
Our family would like to be considered for re-enrollment at a later point. FRCS will consider re-enrollment of withdrawn students based on school admissions requirements.
I hereby sign this form and declare that the information contained is correct and accurate to the best of knowledge.