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Fine Arts Department Mission Statement

Based on the core values and philosophy of FRCS, the mission of the Fine Arts Dept is to produce students with a Christian mindset towards each discipline who will act justly, love mercy and walk humbly before God (Micah 4:6). Students are encouraged to pursue the abilities which make humans unique in God’s creation through artistic creativity in the areas of music, music technology, drama, speech, and the visual arts. Students will be inspired to use their gifts and passions to glorify God and bless others as they develop abilities that will equip them to become innovative leaders and impact the world for Christ.

Fine Arts Classes

In the elementary program, students weekly explore a wide variety of music repertoire and basic vocal and instrumental skills in order to learn the fundamentals of music. Drama, speech, movement, and dance are also integrated into the curriculum. 5th through 6th grade students are divided according to ability in order to focus and develop their skills as vocalists and instrumentalists, and prepare them for the junior high music program. The goal is also to raise up students capable of leading worship for elementary chapel services and other events. 4th through 6th grade students may also audition for Honor Choir, an outstanding opportunity to develop vocal technique and deep friendships, and to perform at school and community events and competitions with a select group of enthusiastic singers. The Elementary Talent Show will be held during the 3rd quarter with auditions in early February (start preparing now!). Students also experience the visual arts and various mediums through projects and instruction in weekly art classes. Their work is displayed periodically throughout the school and at selected events. Students also participate in projects which will be available for purchase at the annual silent auction event.

In the junior high, students are given the opportunity to explore the arts in an introductory way. They will have drama and visual art classes for one semester each. In the 8th grade, students put on a short play at the end of the semester. Artwork will be displayed throughout the school and at various arts events. Students have music classes throughout the year which will focus on developing vocal/instrumental skills and experience. They will perform at least once at the end of both semesters. Please see the course descriptions for more details.

In the senior high, students can choose from a variety of arts classes:

  • Advanced Vocal ensemble
    Mix of traditional choir music and modern small group/solo style with live instruments performance. This group performs at school events, athletic games, and is encouraged to compete on a group and individual basis. Open to Grades 10-12. (4 days a week; audition required)
  • Vocal Ensemble
    This group explores a variety of music styles in a traditional choir ensemble setting in order to develop a solid foundation for vocal skills. Open to Grades 9-12 but no audition required, and only meets 2 days per week.
  • Contemporary Band
    A modern style band class featuring instrumentalists and vocalists; meets 4 times per week. Audition may be required.
  • Dance
    Classes are typically offered in the fall semester, and vary from year to year. Cost is $150 for the semester (classes like this taught in a studio normally range between $250-300.
  • Drama
    basic acting skills instruction and experience in a real live play at the end of the class.
  • Visual Art
    drawing, painting, modern sculpture, art through an iPad
  • Photography
  • Yearbook
  • Video Production

NOTE: The musical and dance groups perform in several concerts throughout the year and the visual arts are displayed during the concerts.

Fine Arts Extracurricular Opportunities for Students

We believe the arts provide one of the greatest learning tools as students experience history, culture, literature, and human relationships by bringing it to life on the stage. It is also a powerful tool in shaping young men and women to be confident individuals who can speak, sing, and perform with poise. Participation in the performing arts builds patience, perseverance, teamwork, and personal skills that prepare any student for the future in any field.

Fall Play

The cast is limited to high school students. Junior high students are invited to assist on stage/tech crew and production teams (costumes, props, set design and construction, etc.). Auditions are held early September and the show is performed early November.

Fall Play Archive

Spring Musical

The cast is open to junior and senior high students and elementary students grades 4-6. Auditions are held mid-January and the performances are in the middle of April. There are also many opportunities to be on stage/tech crew and assist on a production team (costumes, props, set design and construction, etc.).

Spring Musical Archive

Drama Club

Our Drama Club is a member of the International Thespian Society, Troupe 6936. Officers are elected each year to serve as the leaders. Students can earn letters based on their involvement during the year. We meet weekly or bi-weekly throughout the year and the time is still TBD for 2013/2014. Drama Club is open to students grades 7-12.

Students will plan Drama events and productions throughout the year, such as the Falcon Fun Fest, Fall Play, Spring Musical, Student Talent Show, Drama Day Camp, Improv Night, Academy Awards, etc. They will also help plan and facilitate the other arts events throughout the year and help maintain the drama area known as the “catwalk.” Occasionally, a particular topic will be taught in the club, such as acting skills, tips for auditions, and tech skills, and they will have the opportunity to practice for competition at the annual Thespian Conference. Depending on the student’s area of interest, they will be given the opportunity to design posters, t-shirts, programs, decorations, costumes, and props, or learn set building and tech skills (such as lights and sound), or help manage the stage.

Drama Club is a great way for students to get involved and learn leadership skills in the planning of our school productions, events and anything related to the arts! Students have the opportunity to use their technical skills, artistic talents, and musical and dramatic gifts as they learn, grow, and work together to create a thriving performing and visual arts experience.

Drama Thespian Conference

The high school state conference is held annually downtown over a weekend, typically the first weekend in December. The conference offers many workshops relating to all aspects of drama, performances by other high school students, and the opportunity to compete in many different categories. There is a cost to attend the conference, and those fees include conference registration, hotel, and transportation. Registration is processed in late October. The drama club plans to participate in some fundraisers to help with the cost so that more students can attend!

There is also a one-day junior high conference just before the high school conference. There is a fee for registration and transportation. Students will attend workshops and have the opportunity to compete if they wish.


As we continue to expand the program, we hope to participate in various competitions, such as All-State, CHSSA Large Group Festivals, ACSI competitions, and more.

Praise and Worship Team

The purpose of the Praise and Worship Team is for students to grow in their own worship of God individually and as part of a team that will lead worship during weekly chapels at FRCS. Students will have the opportunity to orchestrate a purposeful musical set that corresponds with the theme of each chapel throughout the year. The students will learn and play a variety of musical styles and selections. Emphasis will be placed on learning to play with sensitivity to the lyrics and variation of the dynamics, tempo and vocal/instrumental arrangements within the music. Technical aspects of praise and worship will also be practiced such as the audio mixing, sound reinforcement and computer presentations.

The spiritual component of our team will be a main emphasis and various aspects of worship will be studied throughout the year along with designated times for prayer. Students who make a commitment to the team will be expected to attend regular rehearsals at a designated time each week outside of school hours. It may vary for each person depending on their role. Students will also be expected to be responsible for their own music, instrument and helping the team with equipment tear down and set up as necessary.

The goal is to involve as many of our students as possible who are passionate about worship and committed to serving God in this way. Our desire is to develop a team of dedicated students who take this role seriously, have a passion for worship, serving God and others, and are willing to put in time and commitment to excellence musically. Rather than simply selecting enough students to cover each position, we have made it open to those who have a heart for worship and musical skill, realizing however that we will have too many to lead each week. This way we will grow the team in experience and skill and also prepare the younger ones who will be the leaders eventually. Everyone will have a role on the team and while they may be involved at different levels due to ability, leadership gifts, age, and availability—their presence and involvement is so important and vital to the spiritual life of our school. Please see Mr. Molina for more information.


This is designed for students who wish to be involved in tech support or stage management throughout the school year for chapels, productions, and arts events. This could include sound, video, stage set up, lights and overall management of the PAC. Training occurs during the tech club after school throughout the year and during the various events. Please see Mr. Molina for more information.

Talent Show

This show is held annually and is open to junior high and senior high students. We include musical and creative talents of any kind! Auditions are held prior to the show, and prizes are awarded for several categories.

Awards and Lettering

Students have the opportunity to earn a letter through our performing arts dept. and points in the International Thespian Society for participation in drama club and productions. These students will be awarded and recognized at our annual Academy Awards and Senior Showcase event each May.

Opportunities for Parents

  1. Join a committee for the Fall or Spring productions (costumes, props, set design, tech, concessions, tickets)
  2. Participate on the Arts Committee (meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:30pm in Holy Grounds) to be a part of the planning and decision-making relating to the Arts Department.
  3. Help with planning one of the Arts events throughout the year (drama day camp, concerts, productions)
  4. Support with sound/tech for one or more of the Arts events
  5. Volunteer to help with décor/refreshments for Arts events
  6. Help with marketing, concessions, or ticketing efforts for our productions

These are all great ways to earn P3 hours, build relationships in our community, and work alongside your student!


Fees for school productions help cover the cost of acting, dancing, and singing instruction as well as production costs, including set, props, costumes, makeup, and technical equipment. Fees also cover the cost of some cast/crew meals during show week, cast photo CD, and a T-shirt for all cast members. Cast fees are based on each production’s budget and are announced prior to auditions.