At Front Range Christian School, we recognize that the primary responsibility for rearing children to love the Lord and others lies with the Christian home. Yet it cannot be denied that children today spend a great deal of time in school and that much of what they learn about the world, relationships, social graces and more are learned at school. That is why we value partnering with the Christian home as fundamental to who we are. We believe it is our responsibility to come alongside parents in raising children to be fully trained for life and equipped to impact the world for Christ.

Partnering with the Christian home manifests itself in several key areas:

  • We focus on making Christian education accessible and affordable.
  • We offer effective tools for parents to engage with their child’s daily educational content as well as facilitating communication with teachers.
  • We offer flexible programs for home-schooled and online students, as well as children with special needs.
  • We value community as a part of our ethos. This includes providing community events for the entire family.

Resources for Families

  • FRCS Ends document (what we hope our students will become)
  • See also the Parent Resources page