“Supporting the Best in FRCS”

The FRCS Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) was established to support the mission of Front Range Christian School.

  • To bless the school staff, students, and families of FRCS
  • To enhance student experiences, education and full development (spiritual, social, physical, emotional, and academic development. Luke 2:52)
  • To build community and provide fellowship opportunities

These are the top priorities decided upon at the first few PTO steering meetings which had a cross-section of our community in attendance, and by the surveys completed by PTO members.

  1. Staff Appreciation and Care
  2. Further Development of Communications for our school community
  3. Easing Transitions for Students and Families as they progress through the Phases of Education (Preschool to Elementary to Jr & Sr High School), in part to help with retention
  4. To Organize Volunteers Strategically to bless the school, students and community

  • We will do our best to conduct ourselves in a godly manner consistent with Scripture
  • We will facilitate volunteer action prayerfully and strategically, releasing the talents and resources that God has provided within our community.
  • We will spread out the work of our members for the sake of their health and wellbeing, and to prevent volunteer burnout. Many hands make light work.
  • We will only take on projects and events that are manageable, affordable, and have sufficient staffing so that there isn’t too much strain on any individual or PTO team.
  • We will endeavor to have the most collaborative and synergistic partnership possible with FRCS administration, staff and School Board. We will base it on love, respect and unity, as we are called upon to in Scripture for all our relationships.
  • It is PTO policy that feedback and input given to the PTO, to school staff, to any group or individual, be stated in the positive with constructive momentum. If a person wants to give a critique or suggestion about improving something, they need to state a possible solution(s) and not just give a critique. We do not believe in just venting or complaining without any effort to make communication constructive and productive. Most of the time, everyone is already doing their best and we want to avoid discouragement.

Please pray with us that God will work through our PTO to bless all FRCS families and staff!

Contact Us

Email: pto@frcs.org

Phone: (303) 531-4514

Contact us to learn about joining a PTO team, getting involved in one of our events, or to provide suggestions or ask questions.

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It is our hope to have every parent involved in the PTO in some way at some point during the year. Many hands make light work! Our philosophy is to “Do what you can, when you can!”