“Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves. Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.”

In the passage above, Paul was encouraging the Romans to live a selfless life. The passage remains a challenging exhortation today, no matter where we are in world, including the campus of Front Range Christian School (FRCS). I often wonder what grade FRCS would receive from Paul in this area. He spent a lot of time teaching, training and encouraging believers to live and trust in Christian community. The lessons are available for us in the bible, complete with benefits and consequences described within. All we have to do is read them, share them and exercise them. It is difficult to set goals of devotion to one another, brotherly love, honor, zeal, spiritual fervor and service. But we are instructed to employ our education and experience, and our efforts and energy for the sake of our Christian community. It is with this foundation that we began our Parent Partnership Program (P3).

Strong community was, is, and will be the primary goal of our P3 program. While many other benefits exist, our desire to strive towards the aforementioned goals is the main reason we created P3. One glowing example of the success of P3 is the Holy Grounds Café. Some of us on campus still remember that empty space that was the graveyard for broken desks and chairs and worn and tattered books in boxes. Just a few years later the activities of lunches, SCRIP, team award banquets, teacher trainings, fundraising events, team dinners, concerts, performances and even hot cups of coffee or tea are enjoyed there every week! Without P3, it would be impossible to justify the cost to all parents for this wonderful facility. There would be no café and a lot less fun!

We ask all full-time families to consider setting a goal of 60 P3 hours per year. Many families serve far beyond this goal, but 60 hours seems to be a pretty common and attainable goal for families. No matter your family’s goal, our prayer is that the effort is pleasing to God, serves as an example of service to our children, builds our community, and is given cheerfully.

Our process is to post service opportunities on this website. Please choose a way to serve, contact the person designated online, complete the work and the log sheet. Logging your hours helps us know where and how families are serving and may help us obtain grants from various foundations.

We will continue to strive to honor, love and serve God and each other with zeal and spiritual fervor. We pray that this will be a distinguishing characteristic of Front Range Christian School.