Experience the joy of replacing anxiety with peace and hope when you pray with other moms. Moms In Prayer is a group of women who pray together on a regular basis for our children and school. We would love to pray with you!

Monday Mornings
FRCS Elementary Building, Stop at the front desk for directions to the room

Encouragement from current FRCS Moms In Prayer Moms:

“What a wonderful blessing to get together with other Moms who are seriously asking God to work in the lives of their children and the school. It is so encouraging to seek God together and then watch God work.”

“Moms In Prayer (MIP) is one of the highlights of my week. I love being with a group of women who are passionate about their children and our school. I greatly appreciate the wisdom I glean from the mothers who are farther down the road than me and in a different season of life.  I also enjoy the laughter and lightheartedness we share. MIP brings an earthly comfort to my heart, as well as an eternal perspective to my mind.”

“I was a new believer when my family came to FRCS 15 years ago. I joined MIP even though I didn’t know how to pray in a group or pray out loud (I was actually afraid to pray out loud). Initially, I prayed silently, and God heard my prayers. My children and I were blessed. Another blessing was that the Moms accepted me where I was. These women have been mentors to me in many ways – in my role as a Mom as well as praying for and encouraging my children.”


Mary Sloan (maryjeffsloan@gmail.com)

Additional information regarding Moms In Prayer International can be found at www.momsinprayer.org