We believe the arts provide one of the greatest learning tools as students experience history, culture, literature, and human relationships by bringing it to life on the stage. It is also a powerful tool in shaping young men and women to be confident individuals who can speak, sing, and perform with poise. Participation in the performing arts builds patience, perseverance, teamwork, and personal skills that prepare any student for the future in any field.

Fall Play

The cast is limited to high school students. Junior high students are invited to assist on stage/tech crew and production teams (costumes, props, set design and construction, etc.). Auditions are held early September and the show is performed early November.

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Spring Musical

The cast is open to junior and senior high students and elementary students grades 4-6. Auditions are held mid-January and the performances are in the middle of April. There are also many opportunities to be on stage/tech crew and assist on a production team (costumes, props, set design and construction, etc.).

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Drama Club

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Drama Thespian Conference

The high school state conference is held annually downtown over a weekend, typically the first weekend in December. The conference offers many workshops relating to all aspects of drama, performances by other high school students, and the opportunity to compete in many different categories. There is a cost to attend the conference, and those fees include conference registration, hotel, and transportation. Registration is processed in late October. The drama club plans to participate in some fundraisers to help with the cost so that more students can attend!

There is also a one-day junior high conference just before the high school conference. There is a fee for registration and transportation. Students will attend workshops and have the opportunity to compete if they wish.

Singin' in the Rain; Spring musical, 2016


As we continue to expand the program, we hope to participate in various competitions, such as All-State, CHSSA Large Group Festivals, ACSI competitions, and more.

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The tech team is designed for students who wish to be involved and volunteer in production tech support or stage management throughout the school year for chapels, concerts, the fall play, the spring musical, and other fine arts events. Student roles and positions could include sound/audio engineering, lighting design and operation, videography, and stage set up/tear down for both rehearsals and performances. Training will occur sporadically throughout the year, particularly during the rehearsals for various events. Please contact Sammy Hoag at shoag@frcs.org with any questions.

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These shows are held annually; there is one open to junior high and senior high students, and another open to elementary students. We include musical and creative talents of any kind! Auditions are held prior to the show, and at the junior/senior high level, prizes are awarded for several categories.