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As an item for the Gala & Auction last year, we auctioned an opportunity to call a “snow day” for the school in the spring. The date for this scheduled snow day has been set for Monday, April 1. There will be no school this day.

Why are we letting a family call a snow day?

Calling a snow day was a fun, unique item made available at the annual Gala & Auction. Several families bid on the item, which turned out to be a great fundraiser for the school — similar to items like the teacher outings or “be a teacher for a day.” The chosen date had to be approved by FRCS Administration to ensure it did not disrupt learning or already scheduled activities. Unlike other snow days, this one we could plan and notify families in advance.

All schools in Colorado build in a contingency for a certain number of snow days each year, to ensure that all required days of learning remain available to students in the schedule, even in cases of bad weather. Being able to auction one of these contingency days is a fun way for the school to raise some money and give a family the chance to create a planned day off for all students. This auction item is planned and designed to NOT interrupt instruction and learning time for students.

Will this affect the schedule for Jr/Sr High that week?

No. It is a snow day, and while it is a planned snow day, the schedule for the week will remain the same.

My child is in the ECE program, and I still need care for that day. Can I bring my child to school?

Yes! For our preschool, PreK, and kindergarten students, it is an optional snow day. If you need care on these days, you can bring your young students in for a great day of learning and fun. If you would like to have a snow day and stay home, have fun! We do ask that you let Mr. Ron know what your plans are so that he can staff the ECE accordingly. PLEASE NOTE: students who do come in will need to bring a sack lunch. There will be no hot lunch service on this day.

Will FRCS offices also be closed?

Yes; it is, after all, a snow day!

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