“Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motions of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering.”
~ Augustine

rock climbing patch

Coaches: Kellie Dickinson, Eli Spector, and Jeremy Wall

Front Range Christian School launched its rock climbing team in 2010. The FRCS Rock Climbing Team exists to challenge junior/senior high students through the feats of scaling rocks and to provide an alternative physical education choice during basketball season.

Rock climbing is a full body workout that teaches both strength and movement. Not only will it put your muscles through great challenges, climbing is also a mental challenge in focus and overcoming obstacles. Climbing is a great team sport that can not be done alone; you must have the trust and support of others in order to grow as a climber. One of the best parts about climbing is that is a lifelong leisure sport that can be enjoyed all around the world. Climbing can be thrilling and allows students to push themselves in ways they never thought possible while taking them to some of the most beautiful spots in God’s creation.

The team trains on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday with weekend options from November – February. After February, students may continue to climb if they wish, turning their focus to the outdoors.

Why do we climb?

thoughts from Mr. Spector, FRCS Rock Climbing Chaplain

Many climbers pursue the sport because they love sitting in awe of the outdoors. For others, it is the adrenaline of the climb that entices them. Some climb because the culture of community within climbing is incredibly fulfilling. Still others just like the sense of adventure that comes with climbing.

But why ought we climb? And what could it look like to climb Christianly?

Or, asked by way of different questions: what can we learn about ourselves through rock climbing? How can we engage the climbing culture to reflect Christ? How can we serve through rock climbing?

This year, the climbing coaches are leading the students through a two-part series. The first part of that series attempts to address the question of how climbing can make us examine the type of people we are and the type of people we are becoming. The second part of the series attempts to address the larger climbing culture in an effort to find realistic ways to reflect Christ.

We are excited to wonder together.


Option 1: Competitive Level Times

This option is for students who would compete in the Colorado High School Climbing League competitions as well as local, public comps in their age category. Varsity climbers are encouraged to be at practice Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 3:15-6:45pm.

Option 2: Leisure Level Times

Those who are participating recreationally can join us on Mondays and Thursdays from 3:15-6:45pm. Students at this level must let instructors know they plan on joining the week before each week’s outing. Optional trips will be scheduled on Friday and weekends. Come and just climb with us, its addicting!

Season & Competitions


The climbing season runs November through February. There will also be some FRCS Field Trips in the spring on outdoor rock.


FRCS competitive climbers will join the American Scholastic Climbing League – Denver North West region. This is a brand new league and has replaced the Colorado High School Climbing League.

Varsity climbers must register at https://www.climbtheleague.org/regform.html.

Season competitions are held from November through February at various gyms around the Front Range. These competitions determine which students will qualify for the State Final, which will be held at the end of February. Here are the climbing competitions to which FRCS has been invited:

  • November 17 (Movement in Boulder)
  • December 1 (BRC in Boulder)
  • December 15 (The Spot in Boulder)
  • January 12 (EVO Rock & Fitness in Louisville)
  • January 26 (Rock’n & Jam’n 1 in Thornton)
  • February 9 (Miramont North in Ft Collins)
  • February 23 (Übergrippen in Stapleton); National Finals


Earth Treks Climbing Center
1050 W Hampden Ave
Englewood, CO 80110

FRCS is excited to be able to use Earth Treks Climbing Center in Englwood, Colorado. This is a brand new gym and is the largest in the nation!


All students who join the club will be charged a $60 fee which covers transportation, team shirt, competitions, and FRCS sport fee. This fee should be paid to the front desk by check made payable to FRCS (please put “climbing team” on the notes line). In addition to the club fee, there are facilities fees payable to Earth Treks as follows.

Option 1: Full Time; for those planning on climbing more than once a week

Full Membership: The normal initial membership fee is waived for FRCS climbing team members; there is a monthly fee of $69, which grants you unlimited access to the facility, even beyond the club’s season. If you plan on climbing often and after the season, we recommend this level, as it is the most economical for frequent climbers.

There is also a Family Membership Option: $140/month for the first two family members plus $20/month per additional family member. If several people in your family will be climbing, this is a great plan.

Option 2: Leisure Level; for those who won’t be climbing more than 4 times a month

  • $22 Day Pass to Earth Treks; can be paid at the time of each visit
  • $130 Punch Pass for 7 visits

PE Credit

We are excited to announce that students can earn 0.25 of PE credit towards graduation requirements and for their transcript for rock climbing. In order to receive this credit, a student must be a dedicated member of the competitive climbing team, compete in at least three competitions, and compete at State either as a JV or Varsity team member.


We recommend students purchase their own harness, belay device, shoes, chalk, and chalk bag (great deals can be found at REI, Bent Gate, and Wilderness Exchange).

What to Wear:

  • On top: It’s really important that your shirt isn’t restrictive, but you also don’t want it to be too baggy. You don’t want it catching on any of the grips (rocks).
  • Down low:Keep in mind that you’ll be wearing a harness, so if you wear shorts, make sure they’re either long enough to stay between your legs and the harness, or fitted enough that, if not held down by the harness, they won’t give your fans a show. You might want to consider pants, or at least capris, for a little extra protection for you knees and shins, just in case you bump into some grips on your climb. However, make sure you have a full range of motion — jeans are not recommended.
  • Shoes: Actual rock climbing shoes make all the difference. You’ll have much more luck with these than with your sneakers.
  • On your head: You want your hair out of your face because you might not have a free hand to move it out of your eyes near the top of the wall. Ladies, for safety reasons, please bring hair ties.


It’s a good idea to bring some snacks and water to replenish yourself as you build an amazing physique. Trust us…afterwards you will be hungry.


Most of the time, we will use the FRCS Vans when they are available. On occasion they may be booked, in which case alternate means will be provided.

Students may drive in their personal vehicle only if they driving only themselves (and their siblings, if siblings are also on the team).


Students must adhere to the FRCS athletic checklist requirements. If a student has not  completed this packet for athletics for the current school year, please pick one up at the front desk and complete immediately; this includes the sports physical.

ALL students must complete a Waiver for each gym that we use. Parents must sign these waivers for students under the age of 18.

We will follow FRCS guidelines for participation in club and team sports, so all eligibility requirements must be met (including maintaining your grades).

Registration Form


Select the appropriate response for each category.

unisex, 100% cotton shirts

Highlights from past seasons

  • 2015:
    • Varsity Women’s Team, Colorado High School Climbing League State Finals
      • 4th place
  • 2014:
    • JV Boy’s Team, Colorado High School Climbing League State Finals
      • 3rd place
  • 2013:
    • JV Women’s Individual, Colorado High School Climbing League State Finals
      • 1st place – Julie Kaspari
    • JV Boy’s Individual, Colorado High School Climbing League State Finals
      • 1st place – Connor McCormick
    • JV Boy’s Team, Colorado High School Climbing League State Finals
      • 3rd place

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