Every February is Missions Month for FRCS Elementary! For missions month FRCS students have the opportunity to participate in a “seed money” project in which they receive a dollar and seek ways to make it multiply — ideas range from making and selling handmade goods or goodies, asking neighbors to donate to the cause, selling old toys, and more! It’s a great opportunity for our elementary students to get creative, learn about other cultures, grow in compassion, and develop a heart for the nations. Money raised is sent to the mission field to directly impact the world for Christ.

Internationally, we partner with Torchgrab Africa whose mission is to help hundreds of vulnerable children living in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Our partnership allows us to become a sister school to Petra School on the Rock.

Petra School on the Rock was founded in 2007 in the slums of Nairobi by a pastor and educator, Hellen Nguthuri. Starting with just 8 students, Pertra now has 540 students from pre-school through 8th grade who might not have any education at all if not for the ministry of this Christian school. Three-fourths of the students come from single parent homes and many are orphans with a guardian.

FRCS is a “sister school” with Petra, and our seed money will help improve the rustic learning environment and supply educational materials for these vulnerable kids. We hope to raise enough funds so that every student can have textbooks (right now the ratio is one book per 4 students) and give the teachers colorful educational posters and much needed basic supplies.

Each FRCS Elementary class and teacher will exchange a classroom photo with the corresponding grade in Petra and become prayer partners and pen pals.

Denver Rescue MissionA portion of the seed money will also go to help the Denver Rescue Mission locally. The Denver Rescue Mission exists to help those who are struggling with homelessness. We desire to partner with them to help offset some of their operating costs. At the Mission, one meal costs $1.92 and one night of shelter costs $4.25. Let’s see how many meals and nights of shelter FRCS can help provide!

Missions Month has the potential to touch hundreds of lives.

If you have questions, please contact Amanda Padgett at apadgett@frcs.org.

Torchgrab Africa

seed money project

FRCS elementary student’s seed money project — Homemade Dog Treats.