​Thank you for your interest in being an instructor for one of our DEEP classes! We are excited to offer a wide array of classes that will enrich the school experience for our elementary students.

Please fill out this application form as thoroughly as possible. Applications for the 2018/2019 school year are due July 14, 2018. After that date, we will accept second round applications for consideration. If your course is scheduled to be offered, we will also need to run a background check before classes begin. More details will be given if that is necessary.

Best phone number to reach you.
Please include student's name, e.g., parent of John Doe or grandparent of Suzy Smith
You do not need to include traffic violations.

Has any employer every subjected you to disciplinary action or suspended, terminated, or otherwise asked you to leave a job or volunteer position on the grounds that you engaged in child sexual abuse or neglect, or other unlawful sexual behavior, or on the grounds that you violated an employer’s sexual misconduct or harassment policy?