The Early Childhood Education (ECE) program at Front Range Christian School provides an important foundation for students in both learning and in understanding who Jesus is and who we should be as a result of His love for us. At FRCS we believe that learning habits, including the love of learning, begin at an early age, so it is our desire that our youngest students have every opportunity to fall in love with learning and their Lord.

The ECE includes programs for preschool, PreK, and kindergarten, all designed to launch students into elementary school and beyond.

Teachers and Staff of the ECE


Front Range Christian Preschool/Pre-kindergarten is for 3/4/5-year-old children to prepare them for kindergarten. The curriculum utilized includes both the Saxon Early Learning (pre-kindergarten) curriculum and the ACSI Bible curriculum, “God and Children,” which conveniently leads directly into the elementary school curriculum used by Front Range Christian Elementary School. Students who attend FRCS’s preschool will have the advantage of easily transitioning into kindergarten at FRCS!

The teachers integrate the Bible into all aspects of their lessons, so your young child will have the benefit of experiencing education with a biblical worldview which is modeled by godly instructors. Even at this young age, students can learn about the fullness of God and the world He created, and those in Front Range Christian Preschool are exposed to biblical principles and spiritual formation in every class.

The preschool at Front Range Christian meets Monday-Friday, and half day (8am-12:15pm) and full day (8am-2:45pm) options are available. The ECE Center opens each morning at 7:45am as a courtesy for those who need additional time for drop-off. Students may come for any number of days per week, but parents are asked to commit to a schedule for consistency and staffing purposes.

WOW is all I can say! FRCS, Mr. Ron and Mrs. Naslund have far exceeded our preschool expectations! Lauren LOVES to go to school and we smile every time she tells us fun stories about her time at FRCS. We love the strong Christian foundation that is being laid day in and day out. The love, compassion, and fun that exudes from that classroom is a true blessing that we thank God for everyday. The vision that Mr. Ron continues to make reality is a gift from God and it truly blesses everyone that enters that classroom. I am so excited to see the fruits that will continue to come from the seeds that are planted today!

Thank you for making this year so special for us all!

In Him,


Our kindergarten staff integrates a curriculum that uses best practices from early childhood education. Kindergarten students are challenged with a biblical worldview which gives us a distinctively Christian and educationally excellent advantage in how children learn. Learning should be FUN!

By implementing Saxon Math and Journey’s Reading curriculum, students are given an opportunity to advance their critical thinking skills and cognitive ability. This curriculum builds on each child’s unique learning style. Our qualified and professional staff recognize differentiated learning, while building relationships with each student in small groups and one-on-one.

Regular portfolio assessments, Dibble, and Lexia Testing provide parents with the necessary information regarding their child’s progress in reading, writing, math and cognitive skill level. Our kindergarten students consistently score proficient to advanced in scope, sequence, and individual learning categories. And our staff diligently tracks progress in order to identify which students may need more attention in specific academic, social or emotional development areas.

Full Time and Part Time Options

For students in Kindergarten, Front Range Christian School offers both full time (5 days per week) and part time (3 days per week) options. Both programs are academic in nature and prepare students for advancement to first grade.

Part time kindergarten meets on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday (8am-3pm).

Full time kindergarten students receive additional specials (art, music, PE, and Spanish) in addition to lunch and a second recess period.

All students applying for kindergarten must be five years old by September 1 of the current year.