Front Range Christian School was born out of concern by a group of people in two local churches for an independent, private Christian school that would be committed to high academic and spiritual teaching in an environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, problem solving skills, and hands-on learning. The two groups, unknown to each other, began meeting at about the same time, working to gain support in and understanding of how a Christian school could be of value to the Christian family.

In the fall of 1993, the groups from the two churches met for the first time and decided that their philosophies were so similar that meeting together would accomplish much more and perhaps speed the process along. In January of 1994, Front Range Christian School was incorporated and the interim board selected. FRCS began its first year of operation in August of 1994 with 36 children and 3 full-time teachers. The school year concluded with 46 students. Southern Gables Church in Littleton, Colorado, stepped forward in the beginning to make it possible for FRCS to begin these classes.

The fall of 1995 saw Front Range Christian School grow to 62 students in grades K-5. The school added 6th grade in 1996, increasing its enrollment to 104 students. An administrator and two-full time teachers were added. The fall of 1997, Front Range Christian moved into its middle school era, adding 7th grade and moving them and the 6th grade to the newly constructed Outback Building at the Southern Gables Church campus. In the fall of 2000, the high school (7th-10th) grades moved into 8500 square feet of building space on Coal Mine Avenue in the Trinity Christian Center building. This dedicated space provided classroom needs for nearly 100 secondary students. From there, FRCS purchased the Pierce Street Village (PSV) property at 6637 W. Ottawa Avenue in Littleton. The school now included a gymnasium, performing arts center, science and technology labs, library, student commons, and classrooms.

Grades 7-12 moved into this new facility in December, 2002. Due to continued growth, the upper elementary campus was created in the fall of 2003, at the new facility. 2003 was also the year Front Range Christian received full accreditation and graduated our first class, in which we sent nine students out to impact the world for Christ.

Fall 2007 brought the relocation of the entire elementary school to the campus. Today, all PreK-12 students are located on the same campus.

In 2010, Front Range Christian School added a preschool to serve the needs of parents who want to help give their children a head-start in preparing for elementary school.

The second semester of 2012 witnessed the launch of Front Range Christian School’s 1:1 iPad initiative, which includes school-owned iPads on carts for use in the elementary school and student owned (or leased) iPads for all junior and senior high students.

Today there are over 400 students ranging from preschool through 12th grade at Front Range Christian School in full-time, part-time, and homeschool enrichment tracks.

From the early years of Front Range Christian’s history, spiritual development and formation have been integral to the educational experience, not something just added on as an additional class or program. Every part of the Front Range Christian experience – from curriculum to extra-curricular activities – is centered around developing a biblical worldview and raising kids to be adults who will have an impact on this world for the Kingdom of God and His glory.