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NEW after school Elementary Enrichment class: DANCE for 1st – 3rd and 4th-6th grade students!

We are excited to launch a new elementary enrichment dance class offering students an opportunity to build skills, have fun and participate in an extracurricular activity in the arts at an affordable price! Classes will be held conveniently after school taught by a qualified instructor in our school community and you can wait to pick your student up AFTER the class!* Please read on for information and details:

Instructor Bio

Hello! My name is Connie Rice. I have been dancing most of my life. I began in a preschool dance class of ballet and tap and have never stopped. I was an assistant teacher at the age of 13 and began teaching at the age of 16. I absolutely love it–it brings life and joy to my heart! In 2004 I opened my own Christian dance studio named Revive Christian Dance Studio. The years I spent running my studio and working with the students that God brought were some of the richest years in my life. When my son turned one I gave the studio to another person. She continues to run it, and now I teach for her. Teaching dance within worship, whether it’s tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, or break dance is one of the most powerful ways I have personally connected with the Lord.  When you worship through music and dance there is a closeness that you feel with the Lord that is very special. I love sharing this with my students.

Here at FRCS I have been involved with teaching Dance Electives, J-Term courses, and DEEP courses, and last Spring, I wrapped up my 13th musical with FRCS: Oklahoma! I absolutely love being a part of the FRCS community! I love the families, the kids and the staff. I’m thankful that God has given me this home for such a long time!

I hope that your kids who are interested in learning dance or already have a passion for it come and join me. We always dance to contemporary Christian music and dance in a way that is fun and honoring to the Lord! Please contact me with any questions you may have (

Class Description

Each class we will begin with a time of stretching. It is so important to warm our bodies up and prepare them to dance! We need to spend time helping our bodies increase in flexibility, as this will improve our technique as well.

We will spend time learning foundational steps center and across the floor. Then we will finish by working on a piece of choreography that will be presented at the Elementary Concert on December 12, 2019.

The 1st-3rd grade class will be learning an upbeat jazz dance routine.

The 4th-6th grade class will be learning a hip hop dance (with breakdance, if they’re interested).

Class Day/Dates

Thursdays beginning September 5 through December 12. We will take off the week of Conferences, Fall Break and Thanksgiving break.

Class Times

1st-3rd grades will meet from 3:10-4:10pm. Students will meet in Holy Grounds after school and the dance teacher will walk them to the dance room. Parents must pick students up in the dance room following class.

*4th-6th grades will meet from 4:15-5:15pm. Students will need supervision after school until class starts. They should  be dropped off and picked up from the dance room.

Please send appropriate clothes and snack/water for your student(s) for after school.

Class Location

Dance studio located in the Homeschool building just south of the elementary school.

Class Cost

$120.00 (for the 12 week session) – Checks must be made out to FRCS and submitted to the elementary office with the completed participation form.

Class Expectations


Students are expected to attend each week’s rehearsals to adequately learn the music and choreography. If a student misses more than 3 rehearsals for unexcused reasons, they will not be able to return.  No refunds will be given. If your student will miss rehearsal, send an email to Mrs. Rice at within 24 hours. Attendance at performances is MANDATORY.

Behavior Expectations

The participation form details what is expected of dance participants and parents. Remember, your student is coming to class to have fun dancing. Participation is a privilege. Failure to follow the expectations may result in removal from the class. Dance members and parents/guardians must print, sign, and return the form.


Please come to class in flexible clothing that allow you to dance. Examples of this are: Leggings, yoga pants, or shorts. If you wear shorts, please wear bike shorts or leggings under them.  We don’t want to see any underwear while stretching! T-shirts or tank tops may be worn and higher necklines are preferred so that we remain covered and modest when stretching and dancing. Choose clothing that won’t get too hot (avoid fleece and heavier fabrics).

1st-3rd grade class will need black jazz or ballet shoes.

4th-6th grade class may wear tennis shoes for hip hop.

Dance attire for the performance is still to be determined.

Always bring a water bottle!


Students will perform at the elementary concert on December 12, 2019. They may also have additional opportunities to perform during chapel.

Please read all of this information carefully, fill out the form below, and submit payment to the elementary office by August 30, 2019. All forms and payment must be returned to secure your student’s spot in the class. If you have any questions, please email Connie Rice at

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