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“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For indeed, that’s all who ever have.” Margaret Mead

Nominations are now open for Leadership Positions of the FRCS PTO Board of Directors. Nominate someone you think would be a good leader for the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), or nominate yourself for a position you are interested in. Open positions are: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Nominations and Applications will be collected February 1 to March 15. Please pray and consider nominating yourself or someone else!


  • Is a Parent or Teacher at FRCS
  • Demonstrates biblical Christian character and a solid faith commitment over the years in words, behavior and example
  • Possesses strong people skills in personal interaction, listening, communication & professionalism
  • Desires to see FRCS grow as a spiritual community and in academic excellence
  • Has a passion to serve the PTO, the school, and ultimately the students
  • Is able to oversee people and projects well
  • Is willing to become familiar with the PTO bylaws, policies, goals, and strategic plan and be willing to administer them
  • Can commit to giving the role the time and attention it needs for a 1 year term (typically 0-3 hours a week, depending on the week)
  • Is praying over the possibility of the position and is feeling led or at peace with applying


  • Be a representative of the Parents and Teachers
  • Seek to promote the fulfillment of the will, needs and desires of teachers and parents
  • Listen to and follow up on the issues and tasks that PTO members identify as a priority
  • Work with other PTO leaders including the Board and Team Leaders of committees
  • Manage projects and support the achievement of the PTO mission, strategic plan & goals
  • Collaborate with FRCS staff and leadership as relevant to PTO ministry
  • Dedicate time to PTO work which may take place at home, by attending meetings, or going to PTO and/or school-led events — some weeks it may involve a few hours, some weeks there may be no PTO work that needs to be done
  • Attend monthly Board Meetings and 3 All-Member PTO meetings a year, if at all possible
  • Train the incoming new leader in the spring who will take on your role for the next year

PTO Board of Directors Application Process

  1. Anyone wishing to be a Board Member of the PTO can be nominated by someone else or self-nominate during the application window (January to Mid-March).
  2. Applicants need 3 references, one from an FRCS staff member, a PTO member, and a past or present co-worker in a job or ministry position. A reference form is provided (see button below).
  3. Interviews for Board positions will take place in March and April.
  4. The proposed slate of new Board of Directors will be assembled by the existing PTO Board in consultation with the leadership of FRCS Staff and the FRCS School Board.
  5. A vote will take place in late March or April to ratify and confirm the new Board.
  6. Leadership roles begin June 1 and end May 31.

Nomination Form

Reference Form

Download a printable nomination form.

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