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We are looking for experts in the FRCS community who are interested in facilitating a J-Term course during the week of January 7-11, 2019. The week is intended for junior/senior high students to engage in work that broadens their academic, experiential, and spiritual interests. These courses augment the traditional academic experience at FRCS and further advance our progress in our mission to partner with the Christian home in training students for life and equipping them to impact the world for Christ. That is why we need you. We know we have a community full of experts in all kinds of fields and want to invite your passion to further expose our students to the many opportunities that surround them.

Following is some basic information about J-Term.


January Term, or J-Term, is an opportunity to recapture the curiosity of learning and explore experiential and project-based education. While some classes, like Engineering Bridges, explore traditional educational applications such as physics, other classes, such as Baking, explore learning in venues that used to be included in a traditional liberal arts education. J-Term classes will run for 5 days in January: January 7-11, 2019. The schedule is straightforward: All classes are two hours apiece.

Students are expected to sign up for all three sessions A, B, and C. Course space is limited, so we ask students to select a first and second choice from the options in each session. If a student’s first two choices fill up, he/she will be contacted and asked for his/her third and fourth choices. NOTE: AP Lit, Euro, Bio and Yearbook students will have specific seminars for their courses.

Students will earn transcript elective credit in the areas of General, Fine Arts, and Physical Education for their J-Term. These courses are graded on a Pass/Fail basis, and punctual attendance, participation, and completion of work are expected, as they are for every one of our class offerings.


The days of J-Term begin with everyone gathering in the PAC at 7:40 for a 15 minute Community Time that may include worship, a devotional, and general announcements. Session A runs from 8:00-10:00am, session B from 10:15am-12:15pm, lunch is 12:15-1:00pm, and session C runs 1:00-3:00pm.

Course Information

In general, J-Term classes should plan on taking two hours each day during a session. J-Term courses primarily need to be on campus with little or no travel, with as low of a cost as possible with little or no fees needed.

Each courses outcome is to “Train and Equip” students in a multitude of topics. The underlying question when crafting a J-Term is to ask yourself the question “what do FRCS students need to be more/better trained in or equipped with?” This can take place within a department focus, towards a practicum emphasis or general passion/expertise.

Students will receive elective credit for these classes and therefore the class needs to be tied to an academic elective department (Fine Arts, General, or PE). J-Term courses will emphasize the Socratic method of learning, with reflection and discussion as major visible learning tools. This should include little to no homework.

Potential Facilitators

FRCS would love to hear if you are interested in facilitating a J-Term. We will be able to give out P3 hours for this week. If you are interested and would like to further pursue this opportunity please let Jeremy Wall know by November 5 via email at

Provided below is the J-Term Course Proposal form. This form will help you and us determine the nature of the course you would like to offer. Again we want to provide as many types of academic experiences as possible for our students to continue to cultivate their unique designs.

J-Term Proposal Form

If you plan to co-lead, please provide the co-leaders name below
per student; please only enter a whole number
first and last name, please
check all that apply
Please include course objectives
How will they be "trained and equipped"?
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