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thank you bouquet

Dear FRCS Family,

I know that it’s not really polite to write a blanket thank you note, but somewhere in the madness of a “million” boxes that have been packed, moved, and unpacked into a storage unit is my list of thank you notes to write to individuals. (About 60 at last count.) So please accept this humble expression of my undying gratitude for the many gifts, cards, notes, love offerings, helping hands, and love that were lavished upon me at my retirement/move.

I have been so busy the last two months, what with finishing the school year, packing, boxing up and sorting things, donating and/or trashing things, closing on my house, organizing a cross-country move, and driving 1500 miles, that I simply could not get to the important task of sitting down to write the thank you notes so many of you deserve.

Then throw into the mix a quick trip to Texas to say goodbye to my mom one last time. (To be perfectly honest, I don’t really think I’ve had time to fully grieve losing her. It has been a full month and yet it feels like she left us ages ago).

Please accept this less than stellar attempt at expressing my appreciation for all that you have done for me with such love and generosity. Once I find my list, I’ll do my best to do a better job of letting you each know how very grateful I am. Until then, please know that you are loved, valued, and appreciated more than words can say.

With love,

Mrs. Dalton/Denie

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