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2nd grade students praying for classmate

Across the country, teachers are being celebrated this week as schools recognize Teacher Appreciation Week. And Front Range Christian School is no exception – we love our teachers!

It goes beyond appreciation for their hard work and investment in our students, however. We love how FRCS teachers model and nurture profound faith and an understanding of the love of God to our students. This is something that can only be done in a Christian school, and it is happening in small and powerful ways here.

Following is a story that was sent to us by a substitute teacher who was filling in for one of our second grade classes. It captures the impact our teachers have on our students and exemplifies why we love our teachers.

There is no way I could have anticipated the unbelievable, powerful, spontaneous, student-led moment of prayer that occurred with the 2nd-graders while I was substitute-teaching today. This, this is what Christian education is all about.

Mason tried to share his prayer request during morning meeting time on the carpet, but suddenly his face crumpled, he threw his head in his hands, and cried out, “My dog died.” The whole class hushed, and as tears sprang to my eyes, I quietly exclaimed, “Oh Mason.”

Suddenly, without my prompting in any way, the young students quietly got up, surrounded Mason, laid their hands on him, stretched their hands towards him, embraced him, and begin to pray for him, some quietly under their breath, a couple leading out loud. The moment was so powerful, the compassion so real, the expressions on their faces so intense and touching, the presence of the Lord so strong, that I didn’t dare interrupt this nearly-15-minute spontaneous time. I simply sat there with tears in my eyes, and suddenly realized, “I have to capture this,” and grabbed my cell phone.

After several minutes of being blanketed by this compassion and prayers, Mason gently slipped out of their hold for a moment to grab some tissue. He then quietly plopped down on the other side of the carpet by himself, and two boys silently came over and embraced him. The expressions of compassion being given, of Mason being comforted in his grief, were priceless.

I was honored and humbled to experience such a God-moment… such incredibly mature, child-like faith and prayer in action. In school no less…in a second grade classroom.

– Kathy Cooper

2nd graders comforting classmate

Jeremiah 3:15

Colossians 2:2-3

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