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FRCS’s PTO (parent teacher organization) asked us to share this message with all families:

Staff Appreciation Week will be held Monday, May 7, through Friday, May 11.

The PTO has put together a theme based on the popular children’s book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. We all know that ‘If We Give a Teacher a Student’, amazing things happen, so let’s celebrate our teachers, shall we?

**Please note that participation is not required, as we recognize that many of you choose to abstain or do end-of- year gifts instead. You are also not required to participate in every day’s activities. However, please do your best to do FRIDAY’s activity, as it is free and is the most treasured by teachers. Thank you!**

The following is the list of each day’s suggested activities you can do with your family to honor your teacher:

  • Monday: If You Give a Teacher a Snack – bring your teacher their favorite snack, freezer-prepped meals, treat, restaurant gift card, etc.
  • Tuesday: If You Give a Teacher a Book – bring your teacher a classroom, professional, or fun read book, or a gift card to your favorite book store. Even gently-used reading books at their grade level would be great additions to their classroom libraries!
  • Wednesday: If You Give a Teacher a Movie – Redbox codes, movies, gift cards, little popcorn and treat baskets, etc.
  • Thursday: If You Give a Teacher Time to Relax – Give a gift that reflects your teacher’s favorite hobby or downtime activity.
  • Friday: If You Give a Teacher Praise – Students (parents can too) write a note to their teacher saying why they’re amazing and what kind of things they’ve learned from them, what impact they’ve had, etc.

Please email Amanda Deich at with any questions you may have. Thank you!

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