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different perspective of Arc de Triopmphe, Paris

by David Cooper

Continuing the thought that a Christian education is not about Christian accessories but about the essentials, this issue of The Front Page explores those essentials not covered in last month’s issue. Our subjects are taught by faculty who allow their faith to influence everything they present. Each subject is brought under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, every thought taken captive, and each false stronghold taken down. Behind each subject taught is a Christian worldview that brings with it a foundational truth which guides the learning.

We teach from a belief that world languages are vital evangelism tools. Learning second language is about more than self improvement, it is about reaching others for Christ. The second chapter of Acts shows us the remarkable effect sharing the Gospel in someone’s native tongue has on their willingness to accept the message. It is a way of bringing the message of hope through empathy and respect.

We teach from a belief that the purest purpose of the fine and performing arts is to glorify God. That understanding is what propels our desire to redeem the arts for Christ. In all we do in vocal, instrumental, and theatrical performance as well as visual art, we do with the intent to bring Him glory. Knowing that individual recognition and accolades are simply opportunities for us to glorify Jesus Christ. Our talents were given to us by our Creator; their use is our gift back to Him.

We teach from a belief that physical education is about good stewardship. Scripture tells us that our bodies are a temple for the spirit if God. Our deliberate training of children on how to keep their bodies in good physical health is really a lesson in selfless care-taking. Loving our God with all our heart, soul, and strength in part requires us to attend to the health of our physical body. It is a selfless act of obedience that allows us to be useful instruments in His hands.

We teach from a belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the only path to salvation. We teach from the conviction that the Bible is the authoritative and inspired Word of God. At Front Range Christian School, the pursuit of a biblical truth is the catalyst for the transformation of one’s mind and the formation of one’s character. The grand narrative of the Bible warrants critical thought, interdisciplinary investigation, and personal reflection. While there is a place to prepare students to combat a culture of cynicism and skepticism, we teach from the conviction that such a culture awaits redemption. In this redemptive work, we must critically consider the role that we play in God’s grand narrative.

We provide support services based on the understanding that each student is a whole person, created in the image of God and gifted uniquely for the life He has planned for them. Each young person is on a journey to discover who they are and where they fit in to God’s unfolding story. Individual differences–strengths and weaknesses, learning styles, talents, and spiritual gifts–are to be discovered, celebrated, and developed to the best of our ability. When a student faces academic difficulty, we do not fly to the rescue and remove the struggle, for that is often the place where growth can best occur. Instead, we provide supports so that students do not have to struggle pointlessly, destructively, or alone.

The beauty of a Christian education is found in how it differs from a secular, public education, and those differences are deep and visceral. They are foundational, essential beliefs that form the very framework of our thinking and teaching. That is a beauty which is lasting and eternal.

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