Falcon Field

School hours | Jr/Sr High Schedule

Purple items are from the general calendar. Green items are from the athletic calendar. Items with a bar are all-day events. For a list view of important dates related to academics, please refer to the Academic Calendar (all of those dates are also listed on this calendar). If you are interested in volunteering for any of our events, be sure to view the P3 Opportunities web page.

School Hours

  Full Day Half Day
Preschool 8am-2:45pm 8am-12:15pm (paid)
8-11:20am (school scheduled)
Kindergarten 8am-3pm 8-11:30am
Part-time Kindergarten 8am-3pm
(T, W, F)
Elementary Office and School 7:50am-3pm 7:50-11:30am
Jr/Sr High Office and School
(daily schedule)
(Tues.: 8:35am-3pm)
Administration Offices 8am-4pm N/A