Art-flections is a blog dedicated to the fine arts program at Front Range Christian School. Posts will include updates for families regarding theatrical productions, stories about our students in the fine arts programs, and general reflections from the Fine Arts Department.

Thoughts regarding education and technology including, but not limited to, digital citizenship, parenting in the digital age, technology in the classroom, tips and tricks, technology reviews, updates about technology at Front Range Christian School, and more. Primary contributors to this blog include FRCS staff in the Tech Team and Communications Office. Submissions from the rest of the community are also welcome (please email submissions to for consideration).

This blog features thoughts on the importance of Christian education as well as resources for Christian parents trying to make a decision about school for their children.

This blog is dedicated to telling stories of the missions projects of Front Range Christian School’s Elementary. If you have a story to add to this blog, please email it (and any photos you’d like to include) to

The Explore program exists to meet the unique needs of academically advanced learners at Front Range Christian School. This blog takes a look at what we’ve been up to lately.

Falcon Following is a blog dedicated to athletics at Front Range Christian School. Entries will include updates on how the teams are doing, announcements from the athletic director, thoughts about fitness and the importance of co-curricular activities, and stories about the athletes.

News and happenings for the FRCS community.

Thoughts about education and homeschooling from our Homeschool Department.

A blog from our our Learning Specialist, Lia Wiersma, that touches on a variety of learning topics and issues.

Shepherd's Staff is a blog dedicated to thoughts about spiritual formation in children, teens, and families. Also posted on this blog are thoughts about Christian education and its importance in raising our kids.

Speakin’ Easy with Señora DenBraberSeñora Margason, y Señora Hemshaw is a blog dedicated to what’s happening in the Elementary Speak Easy! Spanish program. Updates and photos are posted on a regular basis so that parents and friends can observe the language and culture acquisition taking place.

Thoughts, news and updates from the Veritas et Caritas Institute (VCI).