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At last Friday’s football game (September 29 at Manual high school), FRCS players stood together on the field with Manual players for the national anthem. With the tension in our country surrounding this very issue and accusations and controversy during a Manual football game just the week before, it was a profound moment for many who attended. One parent, Chris Lang, wrote to us stating, “What a witness for Christ, for the power of love and empathy for others. That simple action said everything -- it acknowledged the incident and that things are not ‘normal,’ and it demonstrated the solution. I am so proud of the players and coaching staff at Front Range Christian and Manual HS for partnering in this way.”

photo courtesy Billy Lloyd

Lang continued, “The sportsmanship I witnessed throughout the game was also pretty amazing, and the turnout for put-ups and prayer was amazing as well. Long after the score of this game (and any other game this season) is forgotten, I will remember the Spirit-led actions of these young men and their leaders. This is what FRCS is all about!”