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March 14-18, 2016

The NEW FRCS Score A Friend Club is hosting a week-long event to build inclusion within FRCS and the community. Each day has a theme and a dress-to-support option. Most of the days have a 50¢ raffle, and all days have Score A Friend apparel for sale. All sale proceeds benefit FRCS Score A Friend Club and a NEW FRCS Unified Sports Program.

Items for sale all week:

  • Score A Friend T-shirts - $15
  • Score A Friend Lanyards - $4
  • Score A Friend Bracelets - $2.50
  • Score Inclusion Bookmarks (handmade by club members) - $2
  • Monday: Be Inclusive!
    • Students learn about what Inclusion is all about.
    • Dress: Tie-Dye Shirts
    • Activities: Guessing Jar
  • Tuesday: Go Unified!
    • ​Students learn about Unified Sports, Unified Friendships, and Unified Elective Courses
    • Dress: Sports T-shirts or Jerseys
    • Activities: 50¢ raffle for candy bouquet and Unified Dodge Ball game at lunch (Pick up free R-Word T-shirts at the end to wear on Wednesday!)
  • Wednesday: Spread the Word to End the Word!
    • Special Olympic campaign to stop using the R-word (retarded) and instead spread kindness and love
    • Dress: Free R-Word t-shirts from Special Olympics
    • Activities: 50¢ raffle for R=Respect Candy Basket; free R-word bracelets. Sign the pledge to never say the R-word
  • Thursday: Get Connected!
    • ​Students connect with local community organizations that serve kids of all abilities
    • Dress: Dress for Success - dress up!
    • Activities:
      • Community resource fair (12:15-1:15 in The Commons with Special Olympics, MSCD, Adam’s Camp, Freedom Service Dogs, Autism Society, Healthy Me, and Night Lights
      • Scavenger hunt with raffle prizes for students who visit each table
      • Bake sale
  • Friday: Score a Friend!
    • ​Students sign up to join new FRCS inclusion efforts
    • Dress: Score a Friend T-shirts (purchase any day of the week for $15)
    • Activities: Sign up for FRCS Score A Friend Club or the new FRCS Unified Sports Sampler beginning weekly in April; 50¢ raffle for Score A Friend Basket.