Why choose FRCS?

Front Range Christian School is a unique community of teachers, parents, administrators, and students. Our community works together to raise up Christian scholars who will impact the world for Christ. We take an intentional and holistic approach to education, developing students academically (mind), relationally (heart), spiritually (soul), and physically (strength). We strive to prepare them not only for college, but for a life of following Christ.

But how do you know if FRCS and a private Christian education are right for your family? Let’s take a look at some of the common objections:

  1. My child learns everything he/she needs at church and at home with me
  2. I don’t want my child to be isolated from the “real” world
  3. I want my child to be a witness or testimony of Christ in his/her public school
  4. Public education is neutral, so it is not in conflict with my faith or the faith of my child
  5. A Christian education is nothing more than curriculum with Bible verses slapped on it
  6. A Christian education is substandard
  7. We cannot afford private school for our child

In some instances one or more of these statements may be true, though it often depends on the school and the individual family. Christian education and FRCS are far from perfect, but there are serious, daresay fundamental, reasons that a Christian education should be seriously considered by any Christian parent.


In these days when pollsters talk about “the withering of discipleship in the American church,” Christian parents need all the help they can get. We received great help from Front Range Christian School. Its commitment to both grace and truth, its academic rigor, its strong Bible classes, and its mentoring teachers and coaches, all had a major impact on our children.

Don Sweeting Former Senior Pastor of Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church, Greenwood Village, CO; President of Colorado Christian University