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Front Range Christian School takes seriously its mission to partner with the Christian home to train children for life and equip them to impact the world for Christ. As our world becomes increasingly digital, it becomes imperative that this training of our students include digital citizenship. Not only is it important for students to know how to use technology, it is crucial for them to understand how to interact with others when using that technology. We give them the tools and environment to learn that digital citizenship is as important as citizenship in the physical world. With emphasis on integrity and godly behavior, students are given online tools to collaborate, interact, create, engage and discover. Teachers act as role models both in the physical world and the digital world, while giving the students hands-on opportunities to learn about the principles of technology that will help them long after high school.

As a part of partnering with the Christian home, Front Range Christian School is intentional about student security on our campus. If a student stumbles in writing an inappropriate email or text or attempting to access an inappropriate website while on campus, the incident is reported to our technology administrator who then notifies the principal. It is our desire to walk with the student through the learning process and focus on restoration and proper use above just punitive treatment. Consistent with our mission, this process strives to “train children for life.”


Elementary classes at FRCS all have access to iPads owned by the school which are available on carts. All elementary teachers are encouraged to use the devices as part of their curriculum to begin teaching digital citizenship at an early age and to take advantage of the interactive and engaging natures of the devices as learning tools.

Students grades 7-8 are supplied with a school-owned iPad that they may use during school and at home. It is completely supervised and managed by FRCS.

Each student grades 9-12 is required to have an iPad at Front Range Christian School. Parents are asked to purchase an the newest iPad they can afford to ensure that it will work throughout the student’s high school career (iOS updates are an important part of remaining up-to-date with the school’s technology). We also offer a list of recommended apps for student iPads; please note that there may be additional apps required for each class. Each teacher will provide that information to students as needed. See required/recommended iPad cases for junior high


Moodle is an online learning environment for students that allows increased communication and collaboration between students and teachers. It is a safe, educational community that offers content filtering, monitoring, and increased engagement. It integrates well with RenWeb to make grading, assignments, tests, etc. seamless.


Lightspeed Systems provides online content filtering for Front Range Christian School. It's a powerful system that provides multiple layers of content filtering effective for the entire campus. The content filter allows FRCS administration to block or allow content by category and even specific URLs, whether permanently or at certain times of the day. It offers powerful reporting features that allow administration to watch for warning signs in inappropriate searches and surfing, to help protect students and staff. Parents are encouraged to read the iPad Internet Options web page to understand how iPads can be filtered at home, too.

Wireless Campus

Front Range Christian School’s campus is completely wireless to support teacher and student iPads. All students and teachers are given user names and passwords with which to access the internet and My Big Campus. If you are a guest at FRCS, guest codes may be obtained from Holy Grounds Cafe for temporary use. These codes change frequently, and content is still filtered and monitored to keep our wireless campus safe for all to use.