Eighth grade is a formative time for students in regard to relationships. As their bodies change and they become more aware of the opposite sex, it is important to reinforce a healthy understanding of God's call for purity in our lives. For that reason, Front Range Christian offers an annual purity retreat for our 8th grade students. The weekend provides a safe environment for the study and discussion of God's Word regarding heart purity and healthy male/female relationships. While the retreat is led by FRCS staff, parents also play a key role in the retreat, spending time with their kids in question and answer sessions and prayer.

Conducted by FRIENDS FIRST, the 8th grade purity retreat is designed for youth and their parents to engage in activities together to help convey the message of the importance of abstinence until marriage, making healthy relationship choices, and avoiding high-risk behaviors. The day is designed for parents to become more informed about the challenges teens face and how they can be equipped to counter the culture and be a support to their teens. The teens will be equipped and educated on why it is important for them to avoid high-risk behaviors and how they can stand strong in the face of a culture that saturates their minds with sexual images. There is also a strong emphasis on peer to peer accountability and support when it comes to the challenges of maintaining a commitment to purity in our culture.

This retreat is held annually on a Saturday in February. It is for both 8th grade students and their parents (at least one from each family). Lunch is provided for the student and one parent. A letter will be sent to all parents of 8th grade students in the weeks prior to the retreat with more detailed information.