At Front Range Christian Junior High School, our mission continues to prepare kids to impact the world for Christ.

The middle school years are, for many kids, a difficult time of transition. Not quite a child, but not quite a teen, it's an age of change and discovery. At Front Range Christian School, we see the impressionable junior high years as an opportunity to show 7th and 8th graders the unique and all-encompassing love of God so that they can gain confidence, grow in their faith, and become the young adults that God has made them to be.

In these formative years, junior high students have the chance to attend a unique retreat which emphasizes purity and deepening faith. Spring practicum is designed to provide learning environments that stretch beyond the traditional classroom setting, allowing students to experience the "outside world." Junior high students also have the chance to participate in athletics and our various arts programs.

These innovative programs are not all there is to love about Front Range Christian's middle school, however. FRCS begins preparing students for college in the determinative years of middle school. Our academic programs are both vigorous and challenging. Students are taught critical thinking skills from a biblical worldview.

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